Sublime Sunday: Forest Musings

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Part of my Sunday was a walk through some of the forest that surrounds the house. Autumn is a wonderful time to go outside and enjoy nature. The air is fresher and there are no flies or mosquitoes around.

The paths throughout were covered with the falling leaves and there was lots of soft green moss on parts of the pathways..


Some of the changing leaves


Throughout the forest the Mountain Ash bushes pepper the landscape. The red berries stay on all winter and provide food for the birds.


There’s lots of mushrooms popping up through the green moss. Some have mysterious nibbles out of them- no doubt by Mr. Squirrel.


Unusual looking fungi on this small tree trunk.


It’s good to leave old broken trees like this standing as they make homes and perches for the birds or squirrels.


I didn’t see any little critter stick a head out but I’m sure something makes these holes a comfy little home.


At the end of the west side of the property line is a blueberry field. That landowner cut the trees down for lumber and cleared the land to allow the blueberry bushes to grow. The bushes turn a pretty reddish color in the fall.

The soil on PEI is conducive to growing blueberries.


One of the paths leaving out of the forest and to the backyard.


In closing, a photo taken in the forest for #beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108.

It was windy but the sun was shining through blue skies and white puffy clouds. Some trees have already lost all their leaves.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6

All photos taken by me.

Thanks for coming on the forest walk with me!




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A stunning walk indeed Lady Jo. Sorry for only landing here now, but I had some mountains to climb here on steemit.

Always appreciate you stopping any time, Sir Stephen.
Blessings and safe mountain climbing. 😊

Oh and I also always appreciate your own visits Lady Jo.
Climbing the mountains African style step by step Lol

@tipu curate
🤞 Hopefully I have one left for you, hun! @redheadpei

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Thanks @ninahaskin and for your generous tip. 💗 😊

You're very welcome!🧚‍♀️

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I haven't a chance for autumn walk for several years though I prefer the spring feeling more.

Spring is always something to look forward too as summer soon follows. 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks so much @innerblocks and @hafizullah! Appreciated. 😊

Beautiful photography....peaceful

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks @shuvo. It was peaceful with just the sounds of nature. And the leaves crunching under my feet.😊

Sunday in the forest — good. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks @manoldonchev! 😊

Oooh I love a good nature walk! Always so many fun things to see if you keep your eyes open to what is around you. Now that the weather is cooling down here I enjoy a walk so much more, as well. Especially if I have my niece with me. She loves to find treasures along the way. :)

It does make a person feel good to have a nice nature walk and enjoy the little hidden treasures along the way. 😊

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your walk.

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Welcome Cindy and thanks for coming along on the walk. 😊

Beautiful photography, @redheadpei! The path in the forest is one of my favorites.

Thanks @jayna. I’m happy you liked it. 😊

What an awesome place to have so close to home. I can imagine the size of the bird flocks when those blueberries are in season!

Thanks WW. For sure the birds have a good feast on the blueberries. I will hear cannons going off when the blueberries are in season. The blueberry farmers set off some kind of noise ( sounds like a gunshot) to try and keep the birds away.

I got to say autumn is my favorite season of the year to see all those stunning colors it doesn't get any better love your photos 👍

Thanks for your lovely comment @hangin. 😊

Your most welcome 👍

Wonderful photos of the lovely nature!

Thanks @roselifecoach 😊

Most welcome!

Thank you Redheadpei, I really enjoyed going on your #sublimesunday walk, lovely photos of an autumn day.

Thanks Angie. I’m happy you enjoyed the walk. 😊

I really like the first photo, where the light shined through the trees and falls on the green pathway... Very peaceful...

Thanks @joelai. It is peaceful there. 😊

Ah, the wonders of nature, and you have plenty there on PEI. Are you ready for winter? Such a beautiful place, but far too cold for me! Temps in the 40s at night is about as low as I can take, lol.

@redheadpei lovely Canadian forest walk!! I feel as if I was right there with you (though I'm on the other end of the planet)! <3

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the walk, my friend on the other end of the planet. 🌎 😊.

Howdy redheadpei! What a wonderful selection of photos. Gorgeous time of year!