Hello @melinda010100
I have no words that exceed yours.
So I only echo.
"Beautifully Sublime"

Thanks for your kind words!

The younger generation is less patient these days. :-)

You may be right! 😁

Maybe the correct way to say it is they have shorter attention span.

That is the truth... And I sometimes think that I have developed a shorter one, too! 🧓

Beautiful garden!! Amazing colours!
Oh! Yes, I watched that film three times so far.
The first time it was dubbed in Thai which was very confusing. Years later, I saw it on satellite tv. Then I bought a dvd and watched it again a few years later! A real classic film,very good acting!

You seem to have quite a full house! Nice!

It is certainly a classic film!

Everyone has gone home. The grandkids go back to school tomorrow after having the summer off. They were sad that summer is ending.

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Yes, I’ve seen the movie!!! Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them this sublime day, my friend 😍!

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So happy that you enjoyed them!

That IS a long ass movie..

Ha! It is indeed long!

Ha! Yeah... I think that two hours are plenty for that one. Nice photos, especially that last one!

Thanks! My guys would agree with you that two hours of Scarlett are plenty!

Unless it's Will Scarlet and arrows are involved!

I do like that Scarlet, too!

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Can't blame the younder for having no patience.
I have to admit I haven't seen the movie.

My daughter in law said it is a tradition in Russia to watch Gone With the Wind on International Womens Day. My best friend and I used to get together and watch it every New Years Eve, but I had not seen it for several years so it was good to see it again.

Howdy Melinda! I haven't seen that since I was a kid. Your daughter in law is from Russia? The flower photos are stunning!

Thanks! She grew up in Nalchik in the Caucasus Mountains and her family still lives there, but she moved to Sochi as an adult. She loves living in Chicago.

Wow, very interesting. How did they meet? I only know about Sochi because of the Olympics being hosted there a few years ago.

They met online through work. Best online romance ever!

Really!! Wow, that is so cool! lol. I love that.

I could not wish for a more fabulous daughter-in-law!

Oh she's the one who does the fabulous art work, my mind just went blank, I forgot what you call it. lol. But anyway, that one!

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