An ultimate question before you can't turn around, the great hesitation!


Would you be hesitating if you were standing on the edge of a city?

Right on the separation line, a border where grass become bitumen, trees become lamp post and the stars an oranged purple gradient covering the all sky.

Will you be questioning whether you should go and let you drag by the city or step back and enjoy the backcountry forest, lakes and trees?

If you had the chance to choose, what choice will you make? City or backcountry?

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Usually, when you are standing on the edge of a city, you are in a shopping mall/mile ;)

Seriously speaking: After spending 40 years in cities I moved to a village 3 years ago. I wanted to keep my place in the city, just in case, but after only 3 days living in the village I got rid of everything connecting me to my previous residence.
Now I bought a place, and guess what, it's in a village again.

The city started to go on my nerves 10 years ago.I thought it must be because I am not such a city person anymore, not going out or 'consuming' city life in other ways. But what really got to me back then is the problem with space: it's just not affordable anymore. And I love space!
Now space is no issue out here. Just the shed is big enough to park 5 doubledeckers easily.

But the real difference are the people, the atmosphere. The whole vibe. People in cities are sick, and you see it, and you feel it, and you become it. The pace of nature and the people working with it, as well as life in smallish communities feels much more like a 'normal' I can live with.

So yeah, I choose the backcountry.


Wahou this is deep!
I totally agree with you, my ideal place to live would be in the backcountry. I would like to be near by forests and be able to go for walks without having to use my car to reach the woods.

I also think all cities aren't similar and there are places where you can live within a city and yet not be too far from nature. I mean you could reach the wood, the beach or else riding a bike.
Of course these are rare and most of the time cities are mind and feelings consuming. As you said the real problem is people's mentality, acting and way of thinking.

I'm personally living around Paris, not too far from huge parks , forest and rivers but I have to go to Paris by car almost every day for work and I can not tell you how much I'm waiting for the time when I'll be able to move to better places away from the huge metropolitan cities. Ideally near by a beach that's not attracting tourists and if I were to be exigent, It would be nice if I could surf there :)


there are not many beaches left that don't attract tourists ;(

I used to live in vienna, a very comfortable city to live in; affordable, close to some nature, relatively relaxed. But still it's a city and not a natural human habitat :)