StreetPhotography Panama's Carnival

in streetphotography •  last year

streetphotography carnival girl panama travel.jpg

This little Panamanian girl was dressed for the occasion at the Carnival in downtown Panama City. I happened to come across this from my trip in 2013 to visit @hilarski and @anahilarski where they took me to the Carnival festivities. The streets were alive with people enjoying the annual gathering. This is my own photo and I had posted it on google back when I took it. I hope you enjoy this little cutie @juliank for today's contest.

Camera: Pentax K-x 300mm lens Location Panama

Thank you to @juliank for creating this #streetphotography contest for all of us to enjoy.

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she is cute ahah


Yes she was and she was one of many children in colorful costumes.

I remember this, I can't believe time flies so fast. @sunscape ;)


That was a fun day.

Good post
I like a picture your post

Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful little girl, I love the vibrant colors as well!


Everyone dresses up for the festivities... so many cute children.

nice click im photographer too

Dear friend
Thanks for your post 😄

She didn't seem to enjoy it. She is so cute in her sadness 😍


I imagine she was pretty tired by that time of day.

colorful dress

OH how lovely is that :))


She was adorable, that festival is in the early part of the year and always a fun time.

Hello sunscape...a beautiful snap taken of this cutie in red on the occasion of Carnival festival...


Thank you @momi5 she was so cute and I think tired too.

So cute @sunscape love those chubby little knees and dressed up so colourful what a treat.


I know she sure was a cutie, that carnival brings out the cutest outfits for the kids.

They had her all dolled up! Just think, she's now around 5 years old! What a cute little girl and I love the bright colors. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your Panama pics! Have you tried the Steemit World Map? I try to post all of my Panama specific posts on there for others to search for and enjoy. :)


Hi, glad you enjoy my Panama posts. I have not shared on the Steemit World Map. Did not even know they had it. lol I will have to check it out... thank you for letting me know.


Yes! I hope you'll check it out. I love it. I add it to all of my Panama posts at the bottom!