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Esteemed Steemians,

today I would like to take you to a tour through nocturnal Vilnius. The historic city center of the Lithuanian Capital is always picturesque, but particularly at night.

Panorama of the modern part of the city, seen from the Neris River

View from the Neris River

Vilnius is known for its Baroque architecture, which is particularly evident in the medieval Old Town.

Lithuanian National Museum

Vilniaus Cathedral

Vilniaus Cathedral

In line with its multi-ethnic and multicultural character, the city is known by various names. European maps and descriptions used the name Vilna or Vilna from the 14th to the 20th century. The oldest documented names from the 14th century are Wilne, Vilnam or similar. In Lithuanian, the city is called Vilnius, and this name - first documented around the year 1600 - is gradually gaining acceptance in other languages today.

Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church

Town Hall

TitleJoin me for a Night Walk in Vilnius (LIthuania) - Street Photography
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CameraCanon EOS 70 D
LocationVilnius, Lithuania

Today is Friday and this is my entry for the #streetphotography contest. This is an @originalworks post by @raci. Let a fellow Steemian know how you feel about this post by dropping a comment below. I appreciate meaningful comments that show genuine interest.

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What a delightful voyage through the city and brilliant cases its quite nice my [email protected]

What a beautiful tour of the city and excellent examples of street photography. It was almost as if I were strolling the streets with you.

Thank you, I appreciate your kind comment and am glad you like the post 😊

Oh dear @rci you always do something appreciate your work carry on dear @raci

Thanks my friend, happy to hear 😊

beautiful corner of the city at night

This must be a wonderful and beautiful night walk

Wow very beautiful in the light of the lamp

Wow very beautiful at night @raci
Thanks for sharing

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Excellent timing!!

a very good post @raci, beautiful city scenery, talking about what camera you use?

Thank you so much my friend 😊 I use a Canon eos 70d

thanks for letting me know, but the photo you took is really amazing @raci

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Impressive post

looking so nice photo....dear @raci

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