Forlorn on the Surface, Vibrant at Heart … Trinidad, Cuba – Street Photography

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This quiet old street in Trinidad has seen better days … about 60 years ago. 

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Various street scenes

In the Cuban city of Trinidad, I encountered various urban scenes. The relatively well-maintained streets in the quaint old town, the newer and wider streets lined with nondescript concrete apartment blocks, and the older streets in the time-worn areas of the city.  

Music and rum is enough

After a brief rainstorm, this street in an older neighborhood was almost deserted. This streets and others like it throughout Cuba do not see much traffic, but this street looked particularly forlorn. Apart from the 3 pedestrians, there seems to be nothing there, except lonely buildings. No industry, no commerce, no activity whatsoever.    

But if there’s one thing I realized during my days in Cuba, it’s this … The people might not have much to distract them from the harsh realities of life, but, at least, they have music and rum. Often, that’s enough for them to enjoy their days. 
Location – Trinidad, Cuba, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Street Photography contest.
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so peaceful..

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Excellent life - music and rum !!! and no doubt :)

On a street like this! I played baseball in my adolescence. I remember that every afternoon, it was a safe date, in a street near my house to play a good baseball game with friends. The balls were made with plastic bags and fitted with yarn. With the neighbors forever, because the sales were broken

I am sure my grandmother's house would have been considered a bit of a shack, but I have such fond memories of that place! Cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents, chickens, a vegetable garden, old fruit trees; for me it was paradise. What happens in a place can make it wonderful.

Ohhhh 60 years old street,Streets looks so neat and clean,many old houses in this street,very wonderful photography,Wonderful music,you are so enjoying your life,thanks for sharing,

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Great picture, and the title fits it!

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