Street display

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Good morning everyone and welcome to another wonderful Monday today.

I wouldn't call this jobless but the mind makes me step out to have a street shot and I captured this which I called my street photography or street display.
So feel free to join in the ride.

Cemetery road by asa road Aba

School road by Echefu Aba

Degema street by obohia road Aba

Obohia road Aba

Ehi road Aba.

I hope the work remind some of these forgotten streets. I hope to trek the Streets of Aba more to bring you of the local forgotten street. Till I come your way next time.
All the work here are original and the pictures was captured with my infinix note5 stylus.

I still remain your little man here on steemit as @lapb and @ blackfacemuna on whaleshares.

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The streets may be forgotten by some, but not by you. That counts. And now I will remember them.


Thank you my friend @agmoore. That's the truth bro.....

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And these are roads in urban areas. The capital of a State in a Country. It shows how the powers that be have neglected the people they are voted in to serve. No good roads, no stable electricity, no potable water, poor drainage, and no good housing.
Welcome to the land of my birth.


That's what we see always.. But God dey our Lane and we must survive it

It's important for the community around to make each other better some great shots.


Thank you @shaheerbari... Wanna make the community close. Namaste