Taking a Selfie on the Streets of Hyderabad, India

The streets of Hyderabad, India, are bustling with activity. However, there are always people who seem to be lost in time. These young persons are seen taking a selfie in the middle of a big shopping street in Hyderabad. The sharp contrasts with the people around them further adds to the photo.

As always, all pictures in the photography section are mine and taken with my camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Taking a Selfie on the Streets of Hyderabad, India



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Aren't you blocking the road?? Lol. Nice click

A great effort deserves encouragement
Continue to follow you and I hope you will be honored to follow up

When I first read title of the picture I thought that you have posted a picture of you taking a selfie, haahha. But I was wrong. Posted a picture from a picture :)
Very nice shoot!

That is a busy street, nice photo. will follow to see more.

I'd seriously print this out and hang it on the wall. Maybe it's the sari. Maybe it's the bright colors. Or the way the background is blurred out. Or the exotic shape of the arch. Beautiful pic, I love it. India is a beautiful country. The people are also beautiful, inside and out

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