Beautifull Moana (female, 1,5 years) in need and hoping for a forever home.

in #stray-dogs5 years ago

Moana (2).JPG

Moana, such a beauty: this girl is currently staying in a shelter in the surroundings of Barcelona (Spain). She's "only" been there for three months now, but is already losing hope.....she's becoming more and more shy and submissive and staying on the background.

Can she be your new best friend? #please upvoteMoana (20).JPG

In the shelter where she's staying about 400 dogs are residing. Most are staying with 6-8 other dogs in cages of about 14-15 squares meters. Just recently we discovered this shelter and found out that they have no contact with foreign non-profits specialized in adoption of dogs. Thats were we could help them. Slowly more and more organisations are finding their way to this shelter and some dogs can finally go to their new families.

If your based in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden or Germany and want to take care of Moanah, please let us know. We can get you into contact with a good and trustworthy organisation in these countries.

Please help this beautifull girl!
Moana (12).JPG


Great effort! Keep it up, no matter how much you earn by these kind of posts. I am a animal lover for myself and made a few donation postings for animal aid organizations and shelters. Although they didn't bring the amount I was hoping together so I could hand these foundations a check over, I will definitely continue the work.
Keep it up!
Greetings @ddot

Still figuring out the details about Steem, but hope it will lead to new contacts so we can help each other. Might even be "just" exchanging ideas on How to fund and help animal friendly project. And who knows, maybe we can make a small difference in fighting animal abuse.
For me this is not about money, even if a penny is earned with these kind of posts it Will go to the foster project we're trying to start in spain.
Thanks for your reply @ddot! And keep faith, every post, penny Or idea makes a difference if you ask me:)

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