The story of the wooden bowl!!🍶

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Stories for young children are of great importance because they help them with their problems in a simple way. They help them deal with older people, and here is one of the great stories for young children, which we present to you through your site The Magic of the Universe.

It is said that she lived a beautiful family of five, the grandfather and his son, who is married to a beautiful woman with two young children and a girl, all living happily and happily, eating meals together and having fun together. He had no sons other than his son and had no grandchildren Others only these two fossils.

The grandfather was healthy and well, but as the days went by and as he grew older, his health gradually deteriorated. His vision became so bad that he could see nothing but the objects very close to him. He could not walk alone, but he needed constant support because his feet and legs They became very shaky.stories-young-children_9855_1_1204.jpg
One day, while the son's wife prepared the dinner, the old man shook his hands and could not catch the dish. The food was spilled on the ground. Since then, the grandfather could not eat alone properly. His son and wife were very upset.

"I can not stand this anymore," said the angry wife. "Because the time of dinner we spent in happiness has become difficult because of spills of food and drinks on the ground," she told her husband. "You should do something and think about solving that crisis."

The husband agreed, and they actually brought a table with two new chairs away from the dining table where they and his children were eating, so that the grandfather would eat it alone, and the son brought a wooden bowl to put food for his old father because he broke many pottery pots.

While the son, his wife and their children enjoyed the most beautiful food at the table together, they made the old grandfather cry very hard because he ate alone. He kept his happy memories with his wife, who died and left him. He said he never forgave his son.

A few days passed and the family was the same until the old grandfather died, sad from his son. After the grandfather was buried and the funeral was over, the husband and the wife began cleaning their house with their children, but the boy and his younger sister were looking for something. Are you looking, young? They said, "We were looking for the wooden vessel where our grandfather was eating."

The father was astonished at his children's interest in this container. He asked them why they were looking for this container. The father found the pot, gave it to his children, but they did not stop him, and asked their father about another pot of the same kind. The father was very surprised and asked why the other wooden bowl.

His little daughter replied, "Father, this pot, we will put food for you when you grow up and become old like our grandfather. But the other bowl will be my mother when you grow up and be old, so we ask you for another wooden bowl. The father and the mother are the big mistakes they made in the old grandfather, but where is the grandfather now to forgive them what they did.


Nice article by the way 👍🏻

Read it. I enjoyed it. Keep it up 👍🏻

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