Story Quest: The Seventh Law - 1

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"And as such, the seventh law of thaumaturgy is not merely a rule to be followed, but also a demand by the forces themselves. Unlike the other laws which will merely limit what your will can conjure up, this one will actively oppose your will, should you try to break it.", the professor whose name I already forgot was droning at the front of the class.
While the Introduction to Thaumaturgy was doubtlessly important subject, the sweltering heat and the length of this lecture were getting to me already. I barely could breathe and my notes were suffering from it.
Taking a wide look around the lecture hall, I clearly saw that most of the class were feeling the same. To my amusement, a lonely girl sitting at the front of the class was taking notes furiously. It's hard to tell whether she just didn't mind the heat, or the class was just that important to her.
The lecture continued for a while more, to the collective dismay of all. It felt like it lasted forever. This was the first lecture of our young lives, so to everyone's relief no one got called out to answer any questions
Since the first lecture was a full day affair at some point the food break came. As soon as the time came everyone ran out to find the cafeteria with full haste. I would have as well if my legs weren't numb from sitting for so long, as such crawling out with the speed of a geriatric snail was the answer. The only other person to be slower than me was the girl that so diligently took the notes during the lecture. I saw her approach the professor for some reason. I was a little bit curious, but it would have been a little bit rude to spy on them. So I shuffled out of the hall and headed for the cafeteria.
Which now that I thought I had no idea where it was. Not feeling like speaking to anyone I slowly headed in a random direction, with the intent to find it through brute force.
It took me a while, but at some point, I found a sign pointing in the right direction.
The cafeteria was full of people and having arrived late I was certain I would have to fight for my place at a table. To both my surprise and relief, after getting the food I found an empty table in the corner.
Shuffling the food into my mouth I thought about my situation. Coming from a family of thaumaturges it was only expected of me to follow in their steps, but even now I hardly knew what kind of pursuits I wanted to achieve. Well, I still had time to decide and as such, I continued to eat.
"Excuse me. Can I sit here?", a voice called out to me. It was the same girl from before.
"Sure, go ahead.", I answered.
She sat down with her food and started eating. I was somewhat curious about her, but should I intrude? Or should I do something else?

What will you do? The rules are simple, comment here on what you want to do and the most upvoted comment is what you do. Every time you do something that requires skill, I am going to roll a die to see how well you do.

I am not a literary genius, nor even competent at it, but I want to get better. So in that regard, I am gonna write a short chapter every 2 or 3 days and see where I go from there.