"The new guy" - A story in 50 words

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"So you mean to say...?"

"That's right, this model is fully functional."

Eyes widened and jaws dropped. The ladies huddled in the lunchroom around their new robot coworker were all intrigued.

"It's absolutely criminal to have him pushing paper here when he was clearly meant for...greater things!"


Here's another story in 50 words. In case you missed it, the word that https://randomwordgenerator.com/ popped out for me this time was 'functional'. What happens when the most humanoid robots (with even a semblance of AI) make it to the other side of the uncanny valley? Time will tell but I suspect that as a species we'll give them ample grounds to seek redress (or revenge) 🙄.

Image sourced from pixabay.com

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Human of course will always rule.

Love this story.


Thanks, but are you sure...👽?



Yes we can
And yes we will rule...

It will be nice to have some hybrids around though but the pure bloods will reign

Nice. A story in just 50 words?
That's amazing


Thanks, you should check out the #fiftywords tag if you want to see more or try out the challenge :)


Alright. I'll do just that. Many thanks