"But, my DIET!" - A story in 50 words

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"I don't know, I heard they're full of all sorts of pesticides and preservatives..."

"Seriously? These days, it's damn near impossible to eat organic. Broaden your horizons! You might never get this chance again."

"Okay, just this once..."

And so the two bears ate the humans camping in their forest.

In case you missed it, my prompt from https://randomwordgenerator.com/ was 'bear' this time.

Image sourced from pixabay.com

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gosh this is deep!!!

The last line instantaneously spark the scene into existence in my head
this is lovely


Thanks :) I don't know if it's that deep but I wanted to look at it from a less conventional point of view.


Believe me it is deep

I guess everything depends on perspective. It’s funny to think of a bears point of view regarding humans.


For all we know, they have these sorts of conversations about people all the time ;)