Today I celebrated a year in the cryptocurrency market, how did it go?

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Hello, I am a Venezuelan citizen, I joined Steemit four months ago and this is my story ...

A day like today a year ago my economic situation was very tight, I had a lot of work in the office, and the economic crisis in the country ended up unsettling me. I had time looking for a financial alternative that would allow me to escape such a situation, however I could not find it, every business that I analyzed was doomed to end up in bankruptcy, either by price regulation, currency control, hyperinflation, risk of that a client feels dissatisfied will denounce me before the government and they will expropriate my business, as was the case of someone close to me, in short, every day was poorer and my quality of life was diminished, however, work in the office every time was harder.

One day in the office came a worker, I worked in the Human Resources Department, that's when the worker tried to file a complaint about one of his colleagues, because he had not paid him an amount of money that he had lent him, what generated labor problems, was at that moment when he said that phrase:

All I want is for him to pay me, to pay me in bolivars, to pay me in greens (dollars), I even accept bitcoin, but to pay me

Bitcoin? - I asked - that's when he described roughly what bitcoin was. Today I realize that this worker did not really know anything about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but that does not matter anymore, thanks to that conversation my curiosity about the topic increased.

I was not interested in investigating the market issue, since I assume that my understanding of economic issues is relatively good, so I decided to study the technical operation of bitcoin. At first it took me a while to learn, but after supporting me with some Youtube videos my technical knowledge about the matter increased, which allowed me to understand even more the texts and the theory on the subject, the fabulous blockchain technology and the revolutionary that this it could be.

Because I always discuss political issues I had to consider two points:

1-This technology is very good because it will allow to evade conventional banking, taxes, evade inflation as well as earn some money on the road, essentially freedom.

2-This technology would end up being pushed to failure by influential people and with a lot of capital, and later the bank and the governments, with the excuse of regulating the market for the common good, would use it to have control of this technology as well.

I decided to opt for the first alternative, because due to the situation I was in, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general could only represent a solution for me.

This was how, taking advantage of the fact that the contract with the industry was coming to an end, and it would take a month to renew it, I took advantage of the money they gave me as a benefit for my two years working in the industry to invest them in the cryptocurrency market. At that time they were only $ 200, represented the equivalent of four monthly minimum wages in the country (Yes, the economic crisis is truly serious). I was somewhat annoyed, belonging to Human Resources, I generally helped people in the Labor Relations Unit calculate the benefits, and when I worked in the Finance Department, I had to do the operation at the system level directly, strangely this time it was up to me to my being on the other side, and finally I understood the discontent of the workers when receiving their miserable benefits.

That's when I took my money and invested in HitBtc, that's how I started exchanging crypto currencies. I remember buying when the Bitcoin was close to 800 dollars, and took advantage of the rise that had to exceed 1000 dollars. The hyperinflationary situation in the country ended up increasing my capital in local currency exponentially, what was once a problem now increased my capital. This is how I understood from my own experience, how the financial and political elite benefits through government regulation on currency trading. They are practically looting the country.

By evading the foreign exchange control imposed by the government indirectly, all of us who carry out transactions with cryptocurrency are at risk. Why? because the cryptocurrencies in my country, as everywhere, are priced in all exchange houses by supply and demand, and the government has determined that the free market is really a black market or illegal, for that reason, at assess the bitcoin in dollars, and those dollars are not be assessed under government regulation, the operation becomes an illegal act in itself, but that the government can not control.

That's how I started to raise my quality of life, my money increased exponentially, I would still be poor in any developed country in the world, but not here, here practically my capital is higher than that of an average citizen, for that reason I can pay for the products basic that other citizens have a hard time acquiring, however, the demand for goods such as computers, televisions, homes, cars, among others, have lowered their price because the demand for these products has decreased too much. In this way I can buy 1 kg of sugar for $ 1.50, but buy a computer for $ 22.

That's how I ended up sending the devil to work, the government and everything else, and devote myself full-time to the cryptocurrency market.

Today I am dedicated to promoting the cryptocurrency market in a discreet way, which allows me to reach many people to improve their situation and not be perceived by the government authorities.

How was it in this? really good...

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a nice day...

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What an inspiring story. Many people's lives have been saved by cryptocurrencies in countries with dictators and failing economies/currencies. Just look at what is happening in South Africa now!

The cryptocurrency revolution is now global and will not be stopped by crooked politicians and/or banksters.


That's right, friend, that's right. The cryptocurrencies are helping many people around the world, hopefully and continue like this.

Fantastic post my friend! I am following you in hopes of learning more about what is unfolding in Venezuela and how everyday people like yourself are turning to alternative assets to not only survive, but thrive. Best to you


Oh! thank you very much! so is.

Very brave! Nothing good ever grows inside the comfort zone. Good luck with your endeavors and let's hope Venezuela can rise from its ashes. (without Maduro)


Thank you so much! let's hope so!

Reading your story how you started with cryptocurrency was very interesting for me! I don't know much about this stuff but am trying to. It is quite complicated for me to understand the whole process. Maybe I should start watching Youtube videos too ^^
Anyway, I am glad that your personal situation improved a lot since you started to invest!!! Hope your capital will be increasing :D


Thank you so much! Yes, sometimes youtube videos can help facilitate comprehension work. For the uninitiated it is very difficult to understand how the Blockchain works, however, there is a lot of material both in videos and in writing that allows you to get information. You will surely learn everything you do not yet know. Thank you so much!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story.

wow awesome story! I'm happy for you that it worked out so well! It was a brave decision and you succeeded!


That's right, thank you very much!

Congratulations on your success - long may it continue. And great that you are discreetly sharing your knowledge to improve the lives of others. Corrupt institutions and governments are scared as folks start to wake up to the unsavory truth that we are all being lied to, manipulated and cheated. They will try and discredit the blockchain and crypto to scare people away from investigating the positive possibilities it offers the common man. Be safe and well xox


I agree, thank you very much for your words.

Good for you! Lets hope 2018 is the year your president grows a heart or finds his soul


I do not think that happens, but we have to have faith.

Welcome to Steem @vieira. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

welcome :)

Steemit became the beginning of your success. Nice post

Great story and thanks for sharing. Followed