The Story of My Life so Far - Part 52 - 1976: Six Months in Lorient, Temporarily Posted on an "Aviso-Escorteur"

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Now that I have translated to French all the original parts in English, I will continue with the English version. I am hoping to publish one episode every other day, then the French adaptation the next day.

This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 51

Six Months in Lorient, Temporarily Posted on an "Aviso-Escorteur"

After the end of the computer instruction in Paris, the shipyard in Brest was still a long way before they would be ready to install the computer system on the Georges Leygues.

So, the Navy sent me for six months on a temporary posting in Lorient, on an Aviso-Escorteur. I don't remember which aviso-escorteur it was.

An Aviso-Escorteur on the Seine River

The Commandant Rivière class was a class of frigates built for the French Navy in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Labeled "aviso-escorteur" (fr: "sloop-escort"), they were designed to perform the role of overseas patrol in peacetime and anti-submarine escort in wartime.

The ship was in Lorient for a period of several months of major maintenance. There was not much for me to do, except to follow the work done by the arsenal.

As the kitchen of the ship was not in service, with the other officers we had our lunch every day at the "cercle naval", an hotel and restaurant for officers of the French Navy.

As the ship was not always heated and my cabin was not comfortable, I was also often taking a room at the cercle naval.
I remember that they advertised different kinds of rooms, with different prices. On of the designation was "chambre de luxe sans douche" (luxurious room without shower). I have always wondered how they could qualified a room as "luxurious" if there was not even a shower and you had to use shared showers!

Week-ends near Brest

As I was to be posted to the Georges Leygues in Brest, I figured it would be a good idea to have accommodations there in advance.
The distance between Lorient and Brest is only 135 km (less than 85 miles), so it was easy for me to go near Brest on Friday night, and to return to Lorient on Monday early morning.

My colleague and friend, Dominique, was renting an apartment in the Manoir de Lossulien in Le Relecq-Kerhuon.

Manoir de Lossulien

At this time, there were several furnished apartments in this old manor that were available to rent. Dominique was renting the best one that included a kitchen, a large living room and two bedrooms.

Dominique had been with me at the École Navale and on the Jeanne d'Arc, but I only started to really know him in Tahiti, when we were both there in 1971-1972.

In fact, in Tahiti, Dominique had seduced the first girl I had ever kissed, whose first name was Virginie, reading to her stories of Babar. However, we still stayed friends.

I had contacted Dominique to ask him if there was room for me at the Manoir de Lossulien, and he had replied that I should come there early on a Saturday morning; we would have breakfast and could discuss the conditions.

So, I went there on a Saturday morning, and we had breakfast in the living room. I had thought that he was alone in his apartment, bu to my astonishment I saw Virginie going out of his bedroom!
Dominique was a great joker and he really enjoyed the look on my face when I saw her.

Anyway, during my stay in Lorient, I was going most of the week-ends to the manor, and I used the second bedroom in Dominique's apartment.

During this time, Geneviève was sharing an apartment in Paris with her friend Catherine and going to nursing school.

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I have been following this story in french. I read some parts in english.

Got to start from the beginning to fully grasp with this beautiful suspense.
Never grow tired of this specialty.
Keep on steemin'

Aha, we are back to it! I am glad to see the continuation.


Ha! me too.

Lol at the luxury room. I agree, it is certainly a stretch a to call a room "luxury" if you do not even get your own shower. Why did you stay friends with Dominique after he seduced Virginie? Were you and Virginie long over by that point? I would love to find a woman who could be seduced by reading the story Babar too :D (great story) Nice to hear you were a good sport with all this!

I've been basking with suspense, waiting for when you'll begin the English version again and now Wooooh!!! the English version is back again.

Thank you once again for sharing this. I always enjoy reading your stories.

Happy Steeming

i am feeling proud to be a part of this community. but why! the reason very simple because the only platform where people like you share his knowledge, expereince and talents among st the member and i must say this is the beauty of steemit where poeple learne and teach also thanks for sharing amazing story

  ·  last year (edited)

how to raise posts like you please love the link to make a post like you let me learn @vcerlier

a very tough warship

For sometime now, i come about the inspiration to making my post by developing the culture of a wide reader of noted writers and i think your writings will serve as a huge inspiration for me. i will be waiting for more editions.

  ·  last year (edited)

Each sheep with his partner, you were Geneviève, and not that girl whom I kiss for the first time, it sure did not suit you. : ) now I am up to date with the episodes, now I will continue working at home, greetings friend, have a happy rest of the day.

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very nice and this post have very important and interesting things to know.. <3
keep steeming... :)

@vcelier Thank you for the wonderful post. It was interesting to me! I also want to invite you to my blog and if you are interested in something, please evaluate it!

It is the very first time i see the story . I have t read all the parts, but it is quite interesting.
Glad to find storyes of life shared with passion on the community. I am happy with that and i appreciate.

Good good

Just found you! Will have to backtrack, although this works well as a nice little stand alone. PS: Love your profile pics haha PPS: Luxury has many meanings, and we all know that the French think showers are overrated ;) teehee

I have been waiting for this. Nothing makes you curious as a half told story!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful story. when people see the post and observed the story, they must be like it. go ahead.such a great.thank you