Our new bungalow (horror story)

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Some people are so fearless, they never listen to anyone

Let me tell you the story of a similarly fearless person.

Ramesh bought a bungalow built on a distance from the city, which he got in very cheap price and the bungalow was also very luxurious.
There was some rumor with the bungalow. The people said that the bungalow is built on the cemetery.

But Ramesh never paid attention to those rumors, Ramesh's family also said to Ramesh why would such a luxurious bungalow sell at such cheap prices, it is surely the secret behind this bungalow, but Ramesh remains on his stance.

One day Ramesh and his friends planned to party in Ramesh's new bungalow, the fun of partying in the forest away from the city will be different.

On Saturday evening, all the friends met at Ramesh's house and got ready to go to the new bungalow, Ramesh's wife forbade him to go but he did not listen to one thing.

All the friends arrived at the bungalow and looked surprised and said, 'Yes Ramesh, you are very fortunate. Screenshot_3.png

All the friends were sitting inside, there was a strange smell inside, like an animal is rotten, but those people did not pay much attention to this and began to start their own party.

In the meantime, the smell began to grow, and the weather also got worse, the storm started moving, Ramesh did not understand anything, all this is happening.

In a while, crowd of people gathered outside, Ramesh looked out of the window and he did not see anything and Ramesh was thinking in his mind that he made a very big mistake, he should not buy this bungalow.

Someone in Ramesh's ears said ... Ramesh why have you come here?
this is our house...
And Ramesh, after hearing it all, got frozen. Screenshot_4.png

After seeing Ramesh's condition, a friend ran outwards and suddenly disappeared, and in a while, our eyes went out of the window and saw a friend who ran away from the side, now that friend is digging the pit (like He is digging the grave). And then they all understood that if we have to live then we do not have to go out, we have to spend the night inside.Screenshot_5.png

All the friends were afraid to sit in a corner, and in a while the sound of the bird's tone started coming out and all got up and got out and saw their friend was unconscious in the pit, they sprinkled water on his face and he started fluttering Woke up, all those friends were not sure they were alive, and all walked towards their own house and thank God,
When Ramesh reached home, he called the old owner of the bungalow and found out that the number was closed for ten years. Since then Ramesh stopped thinking about that bungalow.

Sometimes you should also pay attention to others.

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Horror story and Nice drawing

haha thnx :D

I like your story dear