Things That Can and Can Not Be Improved When Requesting a Photo with Bule

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Things That Can and Can Not Be Improved When Requesting a Photo with Bule


One of the uniqueness is like inviting foreign tourists Caucasians to take photos together. You don't have to be cute, what's important is Caucasians. So, it's no wonder that Caucasians in Indonesia are like artists.


Do you want to photograph with Caucasians too but shy? Afraid of being rejected by Caucasians The following tips on inviting Caucasians photos together:

You must know which Caucasians you are looking for.

The camera is already there, now just find the cup. Caucasians who are again walking solo are easier to take photos, though. Or you can also invite Caucasians who often smile.

Make sure you bring the camera.

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Request polite permission

Have you found the cake Prepare your mentality to ask permission from mas ma'am bule. Use the word sorry to be more polite. Don't forget, give thank you after taking a photo.
Sorry, sir mam, can I take a photo with you? Or will you take a photo with me.


Chat too small talk first too.

Before singing your needs for photos together, you can chat pleasantly. For example
The scenery is amazing, right
If the Caucasians respond, it is a sign that Mr. Caucasians are not drought to be disturbed. After that, just ask permission for photos.


Prepare pose a mainstay

Struggle ask photos with the same bule was not easy. Appreciate the business and maximize your style. Compulsory Photo life style mainstay. If pose andalanmu just stand upright, not anything also the hell.

The habit of our time photos are repeat the image capture many times. Not satisfied with the results, and ask for more photos.

only this can I share, I hope you can love it.





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