Funny Friendship Story

in story •  10 months ago

Here's a story from yesterday me and my friend did. :)
I was playing online game with my dear friend Alex. Alex told me a little joke that I got confused at first but I laughed at the end :3
Alex: Do you know what "afk" means?

Me: It means "Away from keyboard"

Alex: Good! Do you know what "ufk" means?

Me: No idea

Alex: U freaking kidding?? 😮

Me: Serious

Alex: Hehe no that's not what I meant 😉 it means U freaking kidding.

At first, I was like:
Then I was like this when I get it:
I see what he did there but it was pretty funny and I enjoyed the time too. :)

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That IS pretty Funny!!! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


Hehe 😊

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