Meet Mona who finds the best seat in the house

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When you begin staying various hostels in South America you tend to notice a lot of dogs and cats who call the hostel home and the perfect example is this little pup known as Mona. Mona lives at a hostel called Casa Veijas, which is just outside of Minca, Colombia. I highly recommend staying here if you find yourself in the area.

The story of Mona is quite an amusing one. She turned up one day at the hostel and originally the owners didn't quite need another animal to feed and running around. So they took her into town and dropped her off at another hostel that were happy to take care of her. However, the next day Mona turned up back at the their hostel, which is about a 3 hour walk up a mountain. Everyone was a little surprised that she walked up through the night to welcome everyone at breakfast.

So.. Their next idea was to take the young lady to the next town, Santa Marta, which is about an hour away by car. They found another great home for her and said their goodbyes. However, that afternoon a man who lived in Minca was driving back from Santa Marta and saw Mona walking along the road back towards Minca... So he stopped his car and put her in the car and took her back to the hostel - at this point the owners laughed, shrugged and simply acknowledged that this little pup was meant to be a member of their little family in the mountains above Minca.

Ever since, she has been living the good life in the mountains and being loved by all who stay at the hostel. She will even accompany on you on hikes around the hostel and will happily lead the way on the trails and will always lead you back to the hostel. A great hiking companion!

At sunsets you can find her chilling out on one of the comfortable chairs over looking the valley simply enjoying the good life

Mona is not a fan of cameras. Whenever, she sees one she becomes quite nervous. This was the best shot I could get of without worrying her and making her feel uncomfortable. Once you put the camera away she becomes a different dog and very affectionate
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Interesting indeed! I stayed once at a farmhouse in the mountains of Spain. It was my first time living outside of town, and being extremely unfamiliar with guiding myself on the trails without road signs, I got hopelessly lost. Fortunately before nightfall the farmhouses' dogs came searching for me and led me back home.

Later the owners said the dogs didn't exactly search for me, they were running wild in the mountains and I happened to chance upon them. We humans are the ones who put our own romantic thoughts upon the dogs; they just do what they do, we read too much into it, that's all.


That is quite a story and adventure you had in Spain! However, do you believe what the owners told you was correct or simply believed in what they said? Either way, I am glad you made it back to the place you were staying regardless of what the dogs intentions at the time were.

Sometimes we do exactly that, I agree. Other times it could potentially be the exact opposite


I'm not sure, though I am inclined to believe what they say. We aren't any other animal but humans, so we've no way of knowing why any animal would do what they do. "Natural" behaviour can be anything from innate response to external stimulus or a learned response based on some past events. A human being can respond in some way to a certain stimulus, say, get worried when a loved one isn't home by night. An animal may or may not respond in the same way. After all, in the animal world anyone can get eaten anytime and they have no time to sit up and wait...

haha it looks like she picked the best place, with a awesome view!


exactly! she finds the perfect place every evening too!


smart dog! 😁

que bella esa cuchitura Dios la bendiga..


Muchas Gracias!

@thomasjmitchell. very touching this story of mona an animal is a family you have to have them very dear thanks for sharing @thomasjmitchell


anytime! Thanks for checking it out and the support! She is a very loving dog and loves going on walks through the mountains

hahaha, dogs are such incredible animals. My grandpa has similar stories with the dogs he have on his farm. They are so grateful with the people who takes care of them is unbelievable.