How Nurses Maltreated my dying Baby

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My child was bleeding seriously from her naval, she had just lest than 1hrs to survive and we were really desperate to do anything to help her live, we rushed our baby to this government specialist hospital precisely Braitwaite Memorial Specialist hospital ( BMSH) Located In Rivers State, Nigeria.

Friends, I saw hell in that Hospital as this species of humans (Nurses) had no time to attend to us and my child was slowly passing on. I wondered what on earth could make trained nurses be so ruthless, heartless and without any kind of affection for bleeding and about to die child who came to be nursed and treated. I thank God Almighty for a very special doctor, the senior pediatrician who was touched to attend to us. This doctor took it upon himself to attend to my baby , he was very exceptional. But those same nurses, came to this doctor to complain that this baby doesn't have a folder with them so why is he treating her? Oh my God Almighty, what could have degenerated this kind of human being to this low finish, you need to see the look on my face when those heartless nurses said such, the doctor simply reply them that they could see that this baby is passing on slowly that if this blood isn't stop from flowing through her naval that the baby will die and He needs to do something immediately. With a sigh of relief, i saw a heavy defeat for those witches. The Doctor he finally stopped the bleeding and referred us to Kelsy Harrison Specialist hospital where we did blood transfusion and other serious medical assignment.

Thank God my baby is stabilized, but the question remains why this nurses are so wicked and without Natural affection? Is it that they have seen much death that they don't care anymore if another dies?

I am revealing the name to the whole world and also to the authorities in the River State government, Nigeria to point out to them that what they have in their specialist hospital isn't human beings but witches who are so happy to see people die.

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Heartless wicked and vane witches
Damn them to ALL to Hell !
NoOne should work in Healthcare who does NOT know Compassion!

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