The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 25

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The trip to the Lapidas mansion took only a few hours. Mox politely refused to take the trip in the carriage and preferred to ride with Rosa, even though that would tire him. He couldn’t stand listening to Anny all the time. And even so she took her head out of the window and talked at him almost all the way. She talked at him and not to him because he didn’t reply back, only mumbled yes or nodded from time to time.

Instead, Mox admired the landscape and looked at the sky. He tried to memorise the topography of the area, just in case something went wrong. It never hurts to be prepared.

Look Mister Mox, you can see the house from here!” Anny voice reached Mox’s ears.

Mox looked ahead and saw how the big house revealed herself from over the hills.

It was a big white house, with only one upper floor. Large round windows covered the house, one or two for each room. The roof was made with brown tiles, that glowed into the prairie sun. A small alley, flanked by cherry and apple trees leads the way from the gate to the entrance of the house.

A small courtyard, with a water fountain in the middle, welcomed the visitors. From this courtyard you could see the house better and notice the barque work on the columns in the front of the house.

Someone from the Lapidas clearly loved art and culture. No wonder that Anny was so infatuated with paintings and didn’t stop talking about her collection and her knowledge of the craft.

Papa, I’m home!” she leapt from the carriage and gave a big hug to a man that was standing in the middle of the courtyard.

That man was Andreas Lapidas, head of the Lapidas family and chairman of Lapidas Mining company. He didn’t look either young, nor old. You couldn’t really tell his age. On his face, a long scar covered his face, even though Andreas grew a small beard, but that couldn’t cover it all.

Anny, my dear girl, how was your trip? Everything went ok.” he said while patting Anny on the head.

En, it was really fun!” she giggled.

I assume this is mister Mox Smith, the famous painter of our small town!” Andreas said while scrutinizing Mox from head to toe.

Mister Lapidas, it’s an honor to meet you!” Mox extended his hand toward Andreas to greet him.

Andreas gripped his hand with power, while looking directly into Mox’s eyes.

I heard you created some problems with the old Samuel Jackson, my almost in law.

Mox hand hurts from the grip that Andreas was giving him.

Can I say that all of this was only a misunderstanding?” Mox smiled, trying to keep a straight face.

Papa, you told me that you won’t create any problems for him!” Anny intervene making puppy dog eyes toward Andreas.

Ah, it’s all a joke. It’s no problem. I wasn’t so keen toward that wedding. Samuel insisted and the girl wasn’t that bad. Junior liked her, but we can’t force love. If she likes you, why not take her as a wife!?” Andreas laughed. “My horse arrived. My dear Anny, be good to your mother. I have to go with business!

Andreas gave a kiss on the forehead to his daughter and then left.

That man is dangerous!” Mox thought looking at the back of Andreas that was moving further and further away.

Mister Mox, let me show you where you will be staying.” Anny dragged Mox by the hand into the house.

A small milestone: 25 chapters. Some were bad, some were a little bit better. Can I be a little proud of myself?

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Like always, great work !! keep writing