The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 24

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Hey, priest!” Mox greeting his friend. “You’re up early. Come on in,” he said while opening the gate.

Up early? Closer to the truth would be that I didn’t go to sleep! Because of you, we didn’t go to sleep at all.” Bass said in a low voice, speaking slowly each of his words.

Both of them entered the house, Mox inviting Bass into the kitchen, preparing him some coffee.

Why because of me? What did you talk all night?” Mox asked, handing Bass a cup of coffee.

You really need to ask me why? You come in, lay out a plan to hijack a train in a couple of minutes, then tell us that you will leave. How do you think it fell on us? We talked all night about your plan and what we will do after you will leave!” Bass said with a hint of anger and scorn in his voice.

And what the group decided in the end?

We will do the job. And afterward the group won’t operate anymore. We will use the money we will get and get on with our lives. It should be enough money there for that.” Bass said, take a sip from the coffee.

That is a good plan as well. If you would continue this life of robbery, sooner or later you will find your demise. I’m glad you all decided that.” Mox said, nodding in approval. “I will leave today to Lapidas to get my hands on that painting. Do you know what you need to prepare for the job?

We know what we need. You just need to be sure that you’ll be there.” Bass said.

Send a man to get me in a week’s time with a horse. I can’t take Rosa to a heist.” Mox laughed.

Understood. We will have everything prepared.

The bell from the gate was heard.

Ah, my lovely patron has probably arrived. Father Bass, I think this is the sign that we need to part ways now!” Mox laughed, teasing the chubby priest.

Fuck off!” the priest laughs as well.

Both of them left the house and went to the gate.

“Father Bass, thank you for your visit. I always welcome our talks!” Mox said to Bass while parting ways.

Mox, my dear man, you can send for me anytime you need spiritual guiding. The way of the Lord is always mysterious, don’t hesitate to ask for help!” Bass said and left in a hurry. He wanted to spend the rest of the day sleeping.

Mox almost burst into laughter because of this acting between him and Bass. But Anny was looking at him with big questioning eyes so he had to keep that laugh inside him.

Mister Mox, I didn’t imagine you as a spiritual man!” she said, in her squeaky voice.

Miss Anny, we always need some spiritual guidance, from time to time” Mox said in a serious tone.

That is true! That is true!” Anny replied, nodding. “Have you thought about my request?” she asked directly.

Yes, I did. I will do that portrait of you. If you wait for me a few moments, I can get my stuff and we can get going!

That is great!” she laughed while clapping happily her hands.

Mox entered the house and took some things he prepared beforehand since last night. Then he closed the gate and they were on their way to the Lapidas mansion.

Mox was one step closer to getting the painting and one step closer to finding the treasure of Mox Moxley the 2nd.

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