The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 23

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When they heard this, the faces of everyone in the room changed. Mox was the man that brought success to this group. Before him, they were just some hoodlums that attacked Monero transports looking for revenge. But under him, they started to use strategies, hindering the operations that Monero had here.

What do you mean, this would be your last job as the Black Fox?” Mike asked.

You all know that I have arrived in this town looking for a specific item. A painting. Now I have the chance to get it. And afterwards, I will leave. I never intended to settle here. It has been just a stop in my journey.” Mox answered with a smile.

Mox finished his glass of whiskey and rose from his chair.

And there you have it. In the morning I will leave toward the Lapidas mansion to make a painting. Let me know of your decision by then.” Mox said and then left the room.

The men remained silent for a few seconds. And then continued the debate. Again, arguments in favor and against the operation were added to the table.

But this didn’t matter anymore to Mox. He walked down these streets thinking about ways on how to take the painting from Lapidas mansion. He could ask it for payment, but what if Anny doesn’t accept this? Heh, heh, he would always steal it. Maybe this time there wouldn’t be any complications, like it happened with the Jackson’s.

Wandering around the streets, Mox reached his house. He slowly entered and slipped into his improvised bed. And soon he fell asleep.


A hard kick snatched Mox from the embrace of sleep.

What, what happened?” he said, flustered and confused.

Wake up, you lazy bum!” The voice of Maria was heard. “If you want me gone from this place, at least have the decency to walk me down the train station!” he said with anger in her voice.

That’s right, you are leaving today!” Mox said, remembering the fight they had yesterday on this subject.

He woke up and went to wash his face.

The three of them were prepared to leave. They didn’t have that much luggage because Marta and Daniel haven’t packed anything when they left their home and Maria didn't bring too much with her. Just the small necessities.

Let’s go!” Mox said when he saw everybody ready.

We were waiting for you. Don’t act like the one who was ready and waiting for us!” Maria said sarcastically.

Mox didn’t comment on this. He knew that she was mad at him for making her leave as well. But he couldn’t help it. He went through this much just to get the second painting. Who knew what he will have to do to get the next ones. Who knew if he will ever find them. He didn’t want to drag her into this.

They reached the train station. There weren’t that many people on the platform. In this small town there weren’t many that could afford a trip with the train. The train was already pulled and ready to go.

Mox hugged the girls, kissing both of them on their foreheads.

Take care of the girls, Daniel. I’m counting on you!” Mox said while shaking Daniel hands.

I will. You take care of yourself!” Daniel said and entered the train.

The train took off. Maria took her head out of the window and yelled at Mox

Don’t forget to write. Or I will come back for you!

Mox laughed. He returned home, relieved that they were gone. Now he could focus only on the task at hand.

In front of his gate, father Bass was waiting for him.

After a small break over the weekend we are back on track. I had to recharge my batteries this past two days. I'm not sure why I was so drained out.

Please let me know your opinion about this chapter in the comments. Thank you for your upvote and for your support for this story

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You are a very talented writer ! Keep it up


Thank you. I'm planning on keeping it up

looks like i missed some previous part i need to catch up to the story