The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 22

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Mike’s bar was full. If earlier in the day you could hear a needle drop on the floor, now you couldn’t hear properly the people around you.

On a small stage, a local band, formed by a guitar, two violins and a small tambourine, was entertaining the crowd. Beautiful girls were gathering the orders at the tables. In a special corner, two tables were set up for poker, where people were losing their hard earned money.

Nobody noticed when Mox entered the bar. He quietly went near the bar and slipped unnoticed in the backroom, the same one from the morning.

I said I don’t want to be disturbed” Mike voice was heard.

Then I will go back home” Mox joked.

Oh, it’s you Mox. Sorry, we were having a heated conversation right now.

Mox entered the room. At the table there were five men, everyone with a drink in front of them. Besides Mike and Bass, that we already know, the other three were Alan, Tegway, Dac. Alan was Mike’s brother, they were both owners of the inn. Tegway was a native of the area that worked as a guide in the prairie. Dac was a woodcutter, he worked at the Monero lumber yard from this town.

About what? What happened?” Mox asked in a concerned voice, before taking a seat at the table.

Well, it’s about the transport I was telling you about today. I have more info about what I was telling you today!

Let’s hear it. Then tell me the reason why you were arguing” Mox said, while pouring himself a glass of whiskey, from a bottle that was sitting in the middle of the table.

Ascarte Bank expanded their vault in the last couple of months. They intend to receive a big deposit of gold. It’s a part of Monero money, the main office money. It seems that they really want to push a big operation in this area.” Mike revealed the issue.

Yeah, they tend to do that. This is still an undeveloped area. I mean, you just got a train in this two months ago. But I think I got the reason why you are arguing. You are worried about the Silver Guards, right?" Mox asked.

The Silver Guards were Monero’s watch dogs. Where something of great value was involved, they were right there to protect it. They were similar a paramilitary unit, rather than a guard group. They were having a garrison, conducting periodic drills and moreover, all of them were loyal to the Neyhart's. Any Silver Guard would give his life for this family, and many of them have done it in the past.

Yes. Some of us are concerned about them” Dac answered. “We are normal people, not soldiers. I think we should avoid this transport!

Although the Silver Guard has a fearsome reputation, they are not unbeatable! It all depends on the approach. Give me some paper and a pencil” Mox said.

He started to draw a map. Mox was a good painter and he easily drew the outline of the area.

Look, when attacking a train, you need to have a different approach. This isn’t a carriage or a horse. It’s a train. We need to stop it first. We would stop the train... here” he showed a rocky area on the map. "With some dynamite, we would drop some rocks on the train. Then we would get the guards out with smokes. From the cover we would gun them down, one by one and then the gold is ours!” Mox ended his explanation and looked at the people in the room.

Everyone had a different expression on their face.

When does the train is supposed to arrive?” Mox asked

In about one week." Mike answered.

One week? It was enough time to get the painting, hijack the train and then leave town.

I have some news of my own. This train, if we decide in the end to do it, it will be my last deed together with you as the Black Fox!” Mox said, leaving everyone in the room speechless.

*We are getting closer and closer to the ending of this part of the story. What do you think of the story until now? Where Mox will go next?

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