The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 21

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Mox was stunned when he heard the request. Was this a trick from the Lapidas? They should’ve known his involvement with the Jackson family. The wedding between Marta and the oldest son, John Lapidas, was broken by him.

Miss Anny, are you sure this is alright? Does your father know about your visit?” Mox asked carefully. He didn’t want to get dragged into another troublesome matter.

Hmpf, I can do what I want. I don’t need father’s approval. I’m a big girl you know,” she said, stomping her feet on the ground.

You sure are,” Mox thought, not daring to say this out loud.

“Can you give me some time to think about it?” Mox asked her. He really wanted to look at this on all sides.

Fine!” She accepted immediately. “I will stay till tomorrow in the city. Father told me that is dangerous to travel at night. That Black Fox fellow is causing troubles everywhere. I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow.

And then she left.

Mox sat in a chair for a few good minutes thinking about this. It was a good opportunity to get his hands on the painting without too much trouble. He could ask it as a payment. Or he could simply steal it from their house. He would go there to make the painting, after all.

Did she leave?” Maria whispered, popping up from the kitchen.

Yes, she did. Marta, Daniel, come on down!” Mox yelled.

He wanted to see their decision. His wish it was that they would go to his hometown, together with Maria. It would make his nanny happy. And he would could focus only on his task of finding the paintings. But it wasn’t his decision.

After Marta and Daniel arrived in the living room, Mox said in a serious tone:

Have you thought what you will do from now on?

What do you mean by that?” Marta asked. “I thought that we will live here together with you”.

Sigh, you silly girl. Although I would love to have you all around me, my life is too dangerous to be here” Mox said.

Then, what are we supposed to do?” Marta asked with tears in her eyes.

Mox heart twitched when he saw Marta’s beautiful blue eyes tearing up once again. He’s seen her crying way too many times in the last two days.

I was thinking that you could go and live with your aunt, back in my hometown. Maria will go back with you. I think my nanny will be happy to see you. And you will live with a family that will love you. What do you think about this?” Mox said, gently caressing Marta’s face, wiping out her tears.

En!” Marta nodded in agreement.

I was thinking that I could stay here and help you,” Daniel said.

It’s too dangerous. I wouldn’t want to put you in any harm, my dear friend. You should go and take care of your sister, don’t you think?” Mox placed his arm on Daniel shoulder.

Seeing that both of them agreed with his suggestion, Mox was relieved. But, he obviously forgot about Maria, who exploded near him.

What do you mean I’m going back. Who the hell are you to decide that, huh? I’m not going back, I’m sticking with you till the day you day, y’a hear me, you bastard. You won’t leave my sight ever again!” a cavalcade of words falls upon Mox.

You will leave, because I don’t want you to see you once again in harm’s way.

The bickering continued, Daniel and Marta retreated silently from the room, leaving them debating whether Maria should stay or go. After an hour or so, Maria finally agreed, only after Mox promised her to write regularly.

The train will leave tomorrow. I have to go to the inn. I’ll see you in the morning!” Mox said and left for the meeting with Mike and the rest of the group.

Mox and the rest of this jolly group will part ways. Daniel, Marta will go together with Maria to her and Mox hometown, to live together with their aunt, Mox nanny. But what do you think? Knowing Maria, will she really disappear? In the meanwhile, Mox is preparing to get his hands on the painting, that hopefully will help him restore the glory of Moxley family.

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Beautiful writeup!Thanks for sharing.