The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 15

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A few minutes passed, time spent by Daniel and Marta in deep thought. Seeing them like this, Mox sighed and continued his story.

When the letters stopped, my nanny was heartbroken. She loved her little sister and she always cherished the letters she received. At least she knew that her sister was alive and well. When I left on my journey, I promised my nanny that if I can, I will look after her sister as well. Arriving here, I learned about your Jackson family. Finding out that your mother died and knowing your situation within in the family I wanted to help you out. Plus, incidentally, your father had something that I wanted to obtain..”

So everything until now was a trick?” Marta said with tears in her eyes. “I was just some hopeless girl that you thought was in need of a knight in shining armor and waited for your rescue?” she was a little bit furious. Although she was a sweet and harmless girl, she went through her own hardships so she wasn’t exactly a delicate flower. She could stand her own.

In a way, yes. I tricked you. I knew that Samuel would stop the wedding. I actually counted on it. Wait, wait...” he retreated when he saw Marta preparing to throw something toward him. “I truly like you. I would’ve probably tried to woo you even though it wasn’t for this. It’s just that there were some circumstances that I had to take into consideration

Crash. A plate landed on the wall next to him.

You are a real bastard!” Marta said furiously. No explanation was good enough now. “Do tell your serious circumstances! You even have another fiance! Do I look like a second wheel to you?” she yelled at him.

You are a real bastard” Maria took Marta’s side.

Ok, I know what I did was wrong. I know that. But everything went for the best, right?

Another place flew near Mox’s head.

Let me tell you my other story.” Mox tried to calm Marta down. Even Dan looked a little frightened by his sister’s fury.

Seeing that Marta didn’t say anything, Mox started his story.

What do you know about the Monero conglomerate?

Only that is a big business tycoon, with thousands of people under them and they have a piece in almost everything. I think the Neyhart family is the owner of it.” Daniel answered.

Hear the Neyhart name, Mox’s face twitched for a little.

Ah, Neyhard. Every time that I hear that time it brings bad memories.” Mox said. “Do you know what Monero stands for? Moxley, Neyhard and Romian. Monero was created 300 years ago by these three families.

And here it is. We have the first glimpse into the Monero business. In the next few chapter more details will be revealed. We will also reach to the point to find out more about the painting that started all of this. Moreover, do you want to know more about the relationship between Mox and Maria?

Please let me know your opinion about this chapter in the comments. Thank you for your upvote and for your support for this story

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