The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 14

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A few minutes later, Daniel entered the house. The food was already placed on the table, waiting only for him.

Hmm, smells good!” Daniel said when he entered. “I’ve fed the horses and the dogs. Poor guys looked like haven’t ate anything yesterday.

That’s good. Thank you for your hard work” Mox said. “Let’s eat. I think everyone is hungry!

They ate in silence. Dan was looking a little bit strange. You could feel that he had a lot of questions to ask. Marta was a shy girl since she was a child and Daniel took on himself to protect her. After their mother died Marta was the one that took care of him when they grew up. Their brother bullied them a lot when they were little and Marta was always taking a stand, putting her in harms way for him.

Now that both of them were adults, Dan promised himself that no one would harm his sister anymore. He couldn’t wait for the meal to end so he broke the silence.

Who are you, Mox?” Daniel asked, looking at Mox. “We know each other for a year and you always said that your name was Mox Smith. And she called you Moxley. Why did you approach us? Ever since you arrived in this town you showed an interest in me and Marta. What are you after?

Mox looked at him while he put a piece of meat in his mouth. Then he chewed it slowly while looking at Daniel directly into his eyes, like he wanted to pierce into his skull. He took a sip of coffee and then he took another piece of meat, preparing to put it into his mouth.

Answer me!” Dan slammed into the table, angered by Mox’s actions.

Can’t we finish eating first?” Mox asked with his mouth full. He didn’t stop eating.

No, we need to talk right now.

Fine...” Mox finished chewing and placed his fork down.

My name is Mox Moxley the 3rd, as Maria said.” while he said this he gave a cold look at Maria, who return an innocent look, like this wasn’t her fault. “I left home on a quest, looking for something for my family. Fate took me here. As I was saying I was looking for something else, but I found out about your Jackson family and I took an interest in it because of the name.

He stopped the story, rose from his chair, took his cup of coffee and look out the window, recalling the past.

When I was little, I had a nanny. My family was busy everyday with business and I spent all my day with her. I love my nanny very much. She had a sister, that run away from home when she was little. For a while, she didn’t know anything about her whereabouts . But one day she received a letter from her little sister, where she told her that she met a wealthy man that will take her as a wife. The letters arrived, month by month, with news about the her little sister life. Because they didn’t have a return address she couldn’t write back. Then… the letters suddenly stopped coming.

He paused. Took a sip from his coffee and look and Daniel and Marta.

My nanny little sister name was Anna and she signed her letters with Anna Jackson.

Silence fell in the room.

Starting with this chapter we will stop the action for a while and enter in the memory lane. We find out in this part, why Mox was interested in Marta and Daniel. In the next chapters we will find out more about Mox past and his connection with the Monero conglomerate

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