The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 13

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The way back was spent in silence. All of them were tired after the events of the day. It was way past midnight when they entered in the small courtyard of Mox's.

Mox tied up the horses and gave them some water and hay for them to eat and then entered the house.

When they entered the house a happy meow greeted them. Muffle was left alone all day and he missed his owner. The big cat started to mingle between Mox’s legs, begging for a pet someone to pet him. Marta was the one that took the cat in her arms and started to scratch her between her ears.

I want to sleep. Marta and Maria, you can sleep in my room. Daniel, we will have to spend the night on the floor.” Mox finally broke the silence. “We will talk tomorrow about everything. Let’s get to sleep.

He showed the girls where they will sleep. Then we took out some blankets and laid them on the floor for him and Daniel. As soon as he put his head on the pillow he immediately fell into the Sandman embrace.

It has been a long day for him. A lot of things messed up his plans. He counted on Samuel to interrupt the wedding, but he wasn’t expected to be so vicious with him. He didn’t know about the Lapidas and the Monero business. That was news to him. All of this didn’t matter, of course, if he would have found the painting. But the damn Jackson gave the painting to the Lapidas. Now he would have to find a way to get it from them.

Of course, the biggest surprise of this day was Maria. There was a tangled history between them. But now it was time to sleep and Mox was sleeping soundly.

It was morning. Mox was awake by the noise on the street, but he didn’t want to wake up yet. He wanted to sleep a little more. But he realised that something was not quite right. He opened his eyes and he saw a red hairy ball resting on his chest.

It was Maria, that arrived in the middle of the night and slept beside him. And now she was sleeping with her head on his chest, hugging his whole body.

Amused and annoyed, at the same time, he gently pushed her aside and got out of the improvised bed.

Attracted by the nice smell, he almost floated to the kitchen where Marta was making some breakfast. The smell of bacon and egg filled the house. Mox smiled because in the last few years he had to do most of the cooking himself. It was nice to wake up and to have someone making you breakfast.

Good morning, Marta!” he said entering the kitchen.

Good morning, Mox. There is coffee on the table” she answered while turning around. “Put some clothes on you, you rogue” she said while blushing.

Mox slept half naked. Used to living alone, he didn’t bother to put a shirt on himself. He entered the kitchen with his upper body naked, revealing his muscled body to Marta.

Where is Dan?” Mox asked when he returned to the kitchen with a shirt on.

He is giving Rosa and the other horses some food and water. He woke up not long ago!

Hmm, eggs and bacon!” Maria’s lazy voice was heard from the door. “I’m famished. Let’s eat!

Let’s wait for Daniel as well and then we’ll eat” Mox said. “And then we will talk!

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