The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 12

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Finally, everything had come to an end. Maria arrived down the stairs, with Daniel and Marta following her. Behind them, the small pianist looked frightened at his mother. Who know what Maria had told him when they were alone.

Although an agreement has been reached between Mox and Samuel, the old fox could try something, so Mox was still holding his guns armed and prepared for shooting at any moment. Maria was the same. Even Daniel received a gun.

The party went outside, together with Samuel to wait for the horses, which didn’t took long to arrive. Daniel and Marta were a little bit confused by the course of the events but they followed Mox and Maria without a word.

Come on, let’s go! Daniel, Marta grab a horse as well, you are coming with us. From today on you won’t have to listen to your father anymore. You won’t have any relationship with this family if you don’t want to.” Mox said while hopping on Rosa. “How are you my sweet Rosa? Did they treat you well?

Rose made a small neigh, showing her happiness to see Mox once again. In the morning, Samuel didn’t want to bring her to the mansion, but she followed them regardless.

I’m coming with you” Samuel hastily said. “I need that medallion back!

Of course, I was about to suggest that” Mox answered.

Father, you should take at least some guards with you” Seth hastily suggested.

Fine, I will take two guards and Samson with me” Samuel agreed.

And so, slowly everyone headed toward the gate of the compound. On the road there, the people were looking at them with strange eyes. They were curious on how the managed to leave unharmed from the house. But since Samuel was with them, they could only debate this question without an answer.

You will have to escort us a little bit further, old Samuel!” Mox said right before they reached the gate. “I need to be in a safe distance from you or your guard before I will give you back that precious medallion. I hope you understand me!”.

Open the gate!” Samuel shouted without giving an answer to Mox. He looked upset of this new condition, but the couldn’t do anything. That medallion was precious. It could take a second to break it or bring some kind of harm to it and everything would be in vain afterwards.

If you weren’t an established member of the Monero conglomerate registred in their books, that medallion was the only proof you could have to work with them. And Samuel didn’t want to take the risk of destroying it.

The group left the compound and headed toward the prairie. Little by little the lights on the walls became smaller and smaller. Because they were walking in silence, Mox started a conversation about paintings. He didn't want to be suspicious asking directly about the missing painting. Samuel had a small collection and he was very proud of them.

You used to have a nice painting, with a nice scenery. A rock and a waterfall, if I remember correctly. It made a very good impression on me. I didn’t see it in your house today” Mox finally asked about the painting he wanted.

Oh, that one. I gave it to Lapidas. His daughter liked it so I gave them as a goodwill!” Samuel answered

That is shame. It was a nice painting.I think we are far enough now. Let’s stop!” Mox said. Taking out the medallion he handed over to Samuel. “You should know what kind of shady business they are doing sometimes. You might be in something over your head, old Samuel.” he warned him.

That is none of your business. I’m doing what’s best for my family.” Samuel answered, while grabbing the small medallion from Mox's hand. “We are going back” he said to his men, while turning his horse.

Let’s go home as well. I’m tired

All four of them headed toward the town. It was a long day for all of them.

And thus this crazy day that started with a wedding and almost ended with a massacre has finished. What's next? You'll find out in the next chapters.
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