The Adventure of Mister Mox - Part 20

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It didn’t take too long for Mox to arrive in front of his house. Not little was his surprise when he saw a big carriage parked near his gate.

Up on the driver seat an old man looked so bored that even a rock could muster more enthusiasm than him.

He couldn’t recognize the carriage, so he entered the house, hoping that this visitor wouldn’t bring any trouble for him. He had enough already.

He used the kitchen door, instead of the main entrance. He wanted to have a peek at this visitor, to be prepared mentally for the discussion. In the kitchen, Maria was preparing some tea.

Thank God you have arrived!” she said with an exasperated expression on her face. “I don’t think I could stand a second more hearing that girl talk.

What girl, who is here? I’ve seen the carriage outside.” Mox whispered. He didn’t want to divulge the fact that he was at home.

Her servant introduced her as Anny Lapidas. She wants to paint her a portrait.” Maria answered to him. “Wasn’t Lapidas the family that has the painting we want? Since when do you paint?” she looked at him with questioning eyes.

Didn’t I told you that I went to an art college. What do you think I’ve learned there? Painting is how I learn a living around here.

Hmmm, since when were you into painting? I don’t think I ever seen you with a brush in your hands.” Maria teased him.

I always liked to paint. It was a secret back home!” Mox answered a little bit upset. Didn’t she listen to a word he said in the morning? Suddenly, he realised that she said the painting we want. She included herself in the painting search. “This woman is only creating problems.

Where are Daniel and Marta?” Mox asked, thinking that having them around would cause some trouble.

They went upstairs when they heard her name. They didn’t want to see her.” Maria answered and took the tea in the living room.

Around a minute after Maria left the kitchen, Mox entered into the living room.

On the couch, having a cup of tea in her hand, was Anny Lapidas. She was wearing a big purple dress, that was giving the impression that could break at any moment. Anny wasn’t the biggest woman that Mox has seen, but she was on top ten. And her dress brought that to the attention. A ridiculous big purple hat was resting near Anny on the couch.

When he entered the room, Anny big face turned around him and she looked at him with puppy eyes, which she thought it was a cute face to make. It wasn’t.

Oh, mister Mox! It’s so good that you have arrived. This boring city is making me nauseousness” she said in a high pitch voice. She rose from the couch, extending her hand toward Mox, suggesting to him to kiss it.

Mox couldn’t help but kiss the hand, covered by a glove of the same purple color as the dress.

Glad to meet you, miss Lapidas” Mox said, forcing a smile.

Oh, you can call me Anny, mister Mox!” she turned toward Maria. “Thank you for the tea, you can go now!” and she made a hand gesture, dismissing Maria.

Cough, she is my cousin, not my servant, miss Anny” Mox said, trying to stop his laughter.

Maria on the other hand, looked like she could choke Anny in any second. Mox hinted her to leave the room, before she could cause any ruckus.

What brings you today, to my humble house, Miss Anny?” Mox went directly to the business.

I want to hire you, of course” she said, while sipping from the cup of tea. “I want you to paint my portrait. The payment will be significant, I assure you

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