OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 206 - What's The News Hermes?

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Mark this down in your diaries everyone. The world will end on Sunday June 9th 2019. It's not a definite though. Convicted felon and Pentecostal cunt, Ronald Weinland, is backtracking slightly. You can't blame him really. He predicted the end of the world in 2011, 2012 and 2013. You may have noticed that he was wrong. Since I was born there have been 75 Armageddon's, that I found with a quick search. What staggers me about this phenomenon is that Ronald Weinland, thief and liar, still has thousands upon thousands of followers. From whom he is still extracting money. It's the end of the fucking world. Why does this cunt need money? What's he going to do with it? It doesn't matter how stupid you think humanity is, it's far stupider than that. Thank you God, for filling the world with dumb cunts I can exploit. All of the knowledge of mankind at their fingertips, yet they are sending money to some unscrupulous fraud in order to buy their way into heaven or gain God's blessings. More money mostly. They think that donating money to religious charlatans is an astute investment. One that will make them rich. So not only are humans the dumbest animals on the planet, they are also the greediest.

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After the 3 bandits left, Colin underwent a remarkable transformation. His submissive, servile mask dropped away. With only the pygmies to deal with it became clear he was the one in control of them. Peace and love were not part of that hierarchy. He began hitting the small men. Swearing as he kicked and punched them sending them tumbling to the ground. Where they lay, looking up at him. Jake was pretty sure that despite their diminutive stature they could have easily overpowered the man. Which left the question of why they tolerated his abuse. That joined the question of why Colin hadn't revealed he had Pengelly, Pip and Daisy held captive. That would have gotten him a few bandit points. He needed a lot more information, which he wasn't going to get. Not unless the former pacifist was given to long expositional statements to himself.

"Get up all of you." The stoner ordered. "You heard what he said. They need 50 more workers."
One of the pygmies looked around at the others.
"What is 50?" The little guy asked in a heavy accent.
"It's a number you little shit. Damn it. I keep forgetting you're so fucking stupid you can't count above five. It's this many." He opened his hands with splayed fingers five times.
"This is many. We not have many."
Colin backhanded him, sending the native sprawling.
"Well go and get some from the other villages. Like you've done before."
"Yes, now they hide. Leave villages. Will take long time find many."
"Don't give me excuses. Go find them. Go further if you have to. Find other villages and take their people. Why do I have to do all the work here? You make my life so difficult. Look, they aren't going to be patient. Get some more workers. As soon as you do, take them to the sacred place. If I keep the replacements coming that should keep them happy. Now are the captives in my quarters?"
"Good. I have business with them. In the meantime make sure your warriors keep an eye on that fall. They have to come out some time."

The natives left, leaving Colin on his own. As soon as they were out of sight he set off along the cliff face. Jake was torn. He could really do with finding out where the others had been taken. That business the coward had with them didn't sound good. It was a 15 meter drop to the ground. The only way back up being the way he'd just come. He had no idea how much time had passed. It was a certainty that Scarlet and Fetu would be up and about soon. They'd be after him or anything of woman born that was available. Having lost half the party he didn't want to lose any more. There was nothing for it. He'd head back. A decision he couldn't believe he was taking so well. If the antidote wasn't ready in time he'd have to satiate both of his companions. Only then could they do anything together. Well apart from the sex bit. He started back. Heading into that passageway. Summoning up all his fortitude, Jake found an enormous shortfall.

"What's the news Hermes?" He asked optimistically.
"I'm almost there. This is the most difficult part though. It may take longer than I estimated."
Jake shuddered inwardly.
"Oh brilliant. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done."
"Oh there you are." Scarlet's voice reverberated down the tunnel. "Where have you been hiding you naughty boy."
It wasn't so much her tone of voice that made him shiver, it was the predatory glint in her eye. Having sex with any beautiful woman was usually something to look forward to. With Scarlet it was bloody wonderful. In this case it was abhorrent to him. It wasn't voluntary. That could alter things between them.
"Hey. It's good to see you up and about. How are you feeling?"
"I am absolutely dying for cock. Now let's get busy." She responded as she pressed her body against his. She fumbled with his pants.
Jake tried to pull her hands away.
"Scarlet? Scarlet? Daisy, Pip and Pengelly are in trouble we need to get our priorities right here. We can have sex later. As much as you like. Within reason. I'm only human."
Her breathing was deepening. Her face becoming flushed as she tore at his clothes.
"What?" Briefly she looked torn. "No. I need to fuck. Now!"
How could every straight man's dream become a nightmare? Leaving aside the potential imminent arrival of an amorous Polynesian this was still awful. Worse still, despite his reluctance, the old penis was more than interested. The close physical contact had aroused the beast.
"So do I, but I think we should rescue the others first. Hermes have you got anything to help me? Anything at all?"
There was no answer. His pants were being tugged down exposing his traitorous appendage. Scarlet began pulling off her own clothing. Well, opening up access. For her there was no time for meaningless preliminaries or delays. She grabbed him firmly by the manhood. Panting with desire. Not something he could have accused her of before.
"Stop fighting it." She ordered aiming him at the target as she thrust against him.
"Kiss her." Hermes proclaimed.
"Don't be stupid that'll only inflame the... Oh right."
He grabbed her cheeks pulling Scarlet into a long kiss. Her tongue took over his mouth as she tried to find out what he'd had for breakfast two days previously. Her hands were still attached to his penis and attempting to bend it to her will. The pain was excruciating. She broke the kiss, her eyes glowing. Her grin splitting her face in two.
"Oh God I love.." Her face clouded. Then cleared. "I love..." She shook herself. Blinked rapidly. Shoved him away from her. Still breathless, but now also confused. "What the hell is going on Sparky?"
Scarlet's eyes rolled as her knees gave way. Jake caught her. Gently lowering the unconscious body to the floor.
"Hermes? What's happening?"
"She's fine. It'll only last a few seconds. See? She's already coming round."
Her eyes flickered open. He could immediately tell the old Scarlet was back. First she looked at herself pulling her clothes back into order. Then she looked at Jake. Or rather his anatomy.
"Do you want to put that away? It could have somebody's eye out."
He hurriedly stuffed his boner back into his underwear. The danger was over, but it was still prepared for action.
"We need to get to Fetu ASAP. Unless you want to take advantage of his state. You've always loved that ass."
They jumped to their feet. Each of them mildly embarrassed.
"I'm guessing those blow darts had something to do with this." She stated. Scarlet was being unusually modest, hiding her assets as she rearranged her attire. "Did I say anything... You know... Anything crazy?"
That all depended on the definition. She still wasn't looking at him. Oh wait, that explained it.
"No. You didn't say those 3 little words. Even under the influence of an industrial strength aphrodisiac. Hermes made an antidote. I don't think there's enough for Fetu yet. So you may have to take one for the team."
She finally turned to him.
"Ordinarily I'd leap at the chance. On my terms though. Holy shit I was horny. Where are the others?" She grabbed his arm, her expression one of concern.
Jake hung his head in shame.
"Sorry. I fucked up. I had to get you and Fetu away. You were the only ones standing. They were captured along with the horses and most of our kit. It was all the work of our old friend Lethe. He's got some kind of control over the pygmies and is using them to help the bandits."
They started walking back as Jake revealed all he'd learned. Along with the main events. To his surprise she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
"You did okay in the circumstances Sparky. There was no other alternative once they ambushed us. If anyone's to blame it's me. We should have fallen back immediately. We have to get to the others as quickly as possible. That goes without saying. Before that though we have the prickly problem of delivering the antidote to Fetu. You might have to pucker up again."
He had some rather unfortunate news on that front.
"The thing is, Hermes used up all of the antidote he'd made, on you. It's going to take a while for him to make more. He underestimated how difficult it would be to manufacture. Some of those organic compounds are pretty complicated apparently. You might have to step in here. I'm pretty sure whatever he's got flowing in his veins he's still going to prefer you over me."
She stopped dead.
"If it's the only option then I'll take it. I couldn't do this to Fetu and more importantly Sade. What they have is special. Unique as far as I know."
"You're her friend she'll forgive you." He comforted her.
"I fully expect she would. I couldn't forgive myself though." Jake's face must have given something away. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
"I'm just surprised you've got morals. Sexual morals as well. That's a facet of you I am unfamiliar with."
She shoved him.
"Don't get married to the idea. It's the only one I've got. I am going to beat the living shit out of Colin. If he does anything to Daisy, Pip or Pengelly, for that matter, I'll be dancing on his nuts for the next two months."
"Fine by me. I can hit him a bit still though can't I."
"If you must. His dick and balls are mine though. I want them for my trophy cabinet."
They resumed walking.
"The thing that's puzzling me now is, where the hell is Fetu? I know he took a lot more of those darts than you did, but he should be rampaging, down this corridor by now."
"Just be thankful he isn't. We need a plan and I can't think of one that won't end up with him getting hurt."
Both of them stopped this time. As they came out of the tunnel Fetu was reaching the top of those steps from the waterfal.
"Hi big guy." Jake waved tentatively. "How ya feeling?"
Fetu shook his head and shrugged.
"I'm starving. Missing Sade to. Either of you two got anything to eat?"

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