OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 205 - How Long Before The Effects Wear Off?

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(You have been warned. So it's your own fault.)

Post Traumatic Stress : - Yes that's right. This is about PTSD. Last week I told you all about Skull Crusher my emotional support tiger. Of how I have been striped of his company for such petty reasons as numerous deaths, serious injuries and disappearances. This has left me angry, depressed, fearful and stressed. My therapist has suggested it might be a good idea to share some of the hideous trauma's I suffered that resulted in me becoming a victim of PTSD and bureaucracy gone mad. I've blocked out a lot of it for years now and as a result I will be screaming as I write this. I'm screaming now actually. It helps. Anyway these events happened a long time ago, yet the scars to my psyche remain. It was a wonderful May morning as I prepared for work. I had a long drive ahead of me so I filled my travel cup with coffee, then picked up my briefcase, laptop, phone and travel cup. I was encumbered. Helpless if you like. Closing and locking my front door was extremely difficult. It required juggling. Having finally locked the door I took a gulp of coffee. It was perfect. I'd just made the perfect coffee. For the first and only time in my life. It was fucking awesome. I took another gulp, it was that good. I didn't want to be late so I hurried to the car. Then out of a clear blue sky something horrible and soul destroying happened. While I was innocently juggling my briefcase, laptop and phone something catastrophic and life changing happened. I dropped my travel cup. The lid fell off and that perfect cup of coffee was lost. I fell to my knees screaming in outrage. Pretty much as I'm screaming now. It might have been a bit louder though. I'm not even sure how I got to work that day. Or even if I ever did. The loss stays with me. It has ruined my life. The nightmares and homicidal spree killing blackouts started from that day. I am a victim, yet society prevents me from recovering with its petty rules.

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There was a lump the size of a fist Jake was having great difficulty swallowing. Fighting off that army of pygmies was child's play compared to defending his honor against the combined forces of Scarlet and Fetu. There was no way that could end well. His main worry was, of course, that Fetu would be cheating on his wonderful wife Sade. How would that affect their union? The potential damage to his own rectum was secondary. There were a million things going through his mind right then. Thousands of questions he needed answers to. Most of which had no bearing on his current situation. This combined with the near overwhelming need to run away. That had always worked in the past. He was a lot quicker than he'd once been and as motivated as it was possible to be. This conundrum needed further examination.

"How long before the effects wear off?" Was the first question to tumble out of his brain.
"It doesn't work like that." Hermes advised. "The only way to recover from the effects is to have sex."
"Right. So I can't possibly leave the both of them here, to carry out vital reconnaissance?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yep. You asking me the same question over and over again, isn't going to get you a different answer Jake. Right now the tranquilizing effect is foremost. Once they wake up, the need to procreate will become the overriding urge. If there's no one here to do that with, they will both go in search of someone to bang."
There had to be a loophole. There were always loopholes. Especially where the legendary Wanderer was concerned.
"Okay, but I'm fine. I don't feel any urge to bone anything. How is that possible?"
"I was able to prevent the drug reaching your brain. Once it does it binds to receptors that initiate the lust. Those receptors remain bound until sexual fulfillment. And before you ask, they will be at it for hours."
"Oh shit." Jake exclaimed. "I wasn't even going to ask that. So how does this antidote work? That was going to be my next question."
"Yeah, I'm going to have to simplify this a lot. The toxin was something I'd never encountered before. Therefore to prevent it acting upon you I stopped it crossing the brain blood barrier. I was able to isolate the poison in the rest of your body though. From that I will be able to produce an antidote or cure. Once this is administered they'll both be back to normal. With the added benefit that they'll be immune to the effects of the chemical cocktail."
Holy shit. His mind was still racing. Skipping between terrors. He needed to pull himself together or pretend to at the very least."
"Right. So they'll be out cold for the next 30 minutes."
"It's nearer 20 now. That's a rough guess. It could be less and there's a faint possibility it could be more."
"But you are manufacturing the cure in about 20 minutes as well. So there's still hope."
"No I'll still need about half an hour to come up with the antidote. I haven't started working on it yet."
"Why the fuck not?" Jake squeaked.
"Because I've dealing with you, ya prick. Your vitals are all the place. It's only me that's kept you from panicking."
"Well get on with that now. Top priority. While you're at it make sure there's plenty of adrenaline available as well. I may have to run around avoiding them. Top priority do ya hear me?"
"Well duh. Of course I hear you. I'm right here."

He needed to distract himself from the fate worse than death that awaited him. His two companions were safe for now. He needed to explore whatever this structure was. There might be an alternative exit. One that would allow him to avoid those pygmy natives. More importantly he could find a potential hiding place. To escape the attentions of Fetu and Scarlet. It would have been so much better if he could have left them to sate their lust on one another. That was one hell of an aphrodisiac. Standing here while those precious minutes of freedom from brutal sexual assault ticked away was achieving nothing. It was time to explore this place. The sound quality indicated it was quite large. It was also very dark. Even though his eyes had adjusted, those eyes being souped up by Hermes, he couldn't see a lot. Having the AI improve his vision would only slow down the production of the only thing that would save his ass. Literally.

Breathing deeply Jake turned towards the interior of the chamber. He ran a few paces, just to put some distance between himself and buggery. It achieved nothing except easing his mind slightly. Should he just sprint until he ran into something that would knock him out? Damn. Hermes would bring him round long before those two had finished ravaging his unconscious body. He'd be able to look back on this and laugh in the future. It might take a dozen lifetimes, but he'd get there. A quick check to see that he could still see Scarlet lying on the ground. Hold on. He rubbed his eyes. Jake could swear that the illumination had increased. The dimmer switch had been turned. It must be due to his eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness. He wheeled back to his unknown target. His eyes really were adapting. He could make out dim shapes. Jake rubbed his eyes again. Oh joy. It was definitely becoming brighter in here. No light source, it was just far easier to see. Like the light that existed throughout The Never it came from no particular direction.

Every step he took now convinced him even further. It was becoming lighter. Those dim shadows resolved into pillars. Columns in fact. Ones that stretched up to the roof of this cavern. The whole of which was now visible. Of course now, when his rapists came after him, they'd be able to see him clearly. Every detail of his defilement would be burned into his visual cortex. Over to the right there was a patch that might be a passage or tunnel. His footsteps echoed off the walls. Either they hadn't before or he was only now aware of it. Did darkness muffle sounds? No time for irrelevant questions. He headed towards his only hope of escape. breaking into a trot. Keeping his fleeing muscles supple, without tiring them. Perhaps he should have done some stretches.

It was indeed a passageway. Roughly squashed keyhole shaped. A couple of meters wide by the same tall. Could that be the shape of the beings who constructed this? He'd save that question up. Throw it at Scarlet to distract her when she came for him. Her love of archaeology and anthropology might get through the effects of the aphrodisiac. Slow her down sufficiently for him to escape. As soon as he stepped into the opening it lit up from end to end. Far brighter than the cavern. Broad daylight in comparison. There was a blue sheen to the walls. The same rock as before. It was smooth to the touch.

"Hermes? Have you got any suggestions?" Jake inquired hopefully.
"What? Oh yeah. Try not to fight, it'll only hurt more. Relax as much as you can. If you tense up there could be significant tearing."
"No you dick. Have you got any ideas about this tunnel?"
"Sorry. Follow it? They'll be able to smell you, subconsciously. Be irresistibly drawn towards you by the trail of pheromones you're exuding."
"Thanks. That was no use whatsoever. In fact, it was far less than useless. I was expecting some analysis of the structure. Then I forgot for a moment that you're a cock. Get back to work."

Going on was the only choice he had. In other circumstances he'd have been happy to know that Fetu and Scarlet would have no trouble finding him. He walked on. The tunnel wasn't quite straight. It curved to the right. Meaning he couldn't see the other end of it. Continuing on for a while, he spotted that end. There was a portal to the right. heading out he could only assume. Jake headed down it coming out onto a wide ledge on the side of the cliff. The noise from the fall was very muted here. The sound of a raised voice was coming from below. He lay down then crawled to the forward edge. Looking down on the source. There below was a group of men and pygmies. Four men and half a dozen of those little guys. The raised voice was coming from one of those men. He was berating another one. One whose voice sounded familiar to.

"Hey man. I did exactly what you told me to do. I took them to the sacred pool and then I split. How were we supposed to know they wouldn't kill each other? I'm not blaming you man. You got their horses, didn't you."
Ah. The dulcet tones of Colin. Who was indeed in league with the bandits. Not that Jake had ever doubted that. The angry one roared. Kicked out at the pygmies who cowered away from him.
"I've lost almost a third of my men. Thanks to you." He swung round punching Colin in the face. The hippy shrieked, crouching down, assuming a near fetal position.
"The little dudes did their best man. They lost a lot of people to."
The loud one kicked him. Producing another yelp.
"I should kill you now. My men want some payback. You promised me captives and all I've got are their horses."
The hippy held his hands up in supplication.
"They'll fetch a good price man. You take them back though the tunnels I showed you and they'll be worth even more. There's more I can do man. Like you still need workers don't you? I can have more of the little dudes sent over. They trust me. If you kill me you ain't got no labor. That's why you wanted the native kids man. These little dudes don't last long in the tunnels. I can keep them coming though. As many as you need. I'm like their leader man. We got the horses for ya. The people escaped, but they ain't going far without the horses. They gotta come out soon. No food. Right now they're bottled up behind the waterfall. Like I said man. They ain't going nowhere. And when they come out we'll be waiting."
The angry one Pulled Colin up to his feet, grabbing him by the throat.
"Yeah? I'll be sending over some of my guys to wait with you. Meantime I need 50 more workers by tomorrow morning. See that I get them. Or the next time we meet I'll gut you like a fish."

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