I am missing

in story •  19 days ago

I wish I could reset my brain. It was easy. Whoever or whatever, I fell and started from scratch.

The details are drowning in addition to the illusions. Especially when emotions come to the book, remove the rice.

It already detects evoked with all precision. After all, the counterattack should be prepared and prepared.

The alarm sounds again. Someone is clearly trying to infiltrate me.

What I experienced with technology would be very intimate. If you are not working now, turn off the alarm and set and adjust the frequency. The frequency of what? Of course, your perceptions and my mind.

What's bad is when you don't know what's gonna happen. But it's better to get help.

I'm gonna have to surround the navy and barbed wires.

As far as where? Maybe forever

The phone either does not buy equipment or initiates an emergency.

Excuse me; Now the power is off. Fortunately; Soon the generator enters.

What is this difficulty?

Why millennium?

How nice we will live What

Eighties, nineties; Why am I here if I don't feel bile in those years?

You know, like my voice recorder?

I miss the cuckoo. What a nice time to get an hourly appointment.

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