Henry Monde my short life and long death - Lilith

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The slave poured them a glass of the finest wine hell had to offer.

There were seven prince's in hell and Belphegor was one of them, this Prince of hell took a sup of his wine and pondered for moment before speaking "You were lucky you managed to get to him before any of the others felt him here".

Lilith sat looking at the glass of wine as if in a trance, she did not like that she had to include Belphegor in her plans, each of the seven prince's had their own glamour and deceits, Belphegor had the power of discovery and she had used it to good use, for it was Belphegor that had discovered Henry Monde and his potential.

All demons liked the sound of their own voice, Prince Belphegor liked his voice more than most, his drone continued and for the most part the wine drowned it out.

Liliths eyes narrowed, her wings flapped ever so slightly, the offer or threat was about to come.

"My lady Lilith, if any of the other prince's find out what you are doing, I will not be able to help you, Asmodeus has spoken already about an intuition that he has and that there is something amiss in our domain"

The word "you" was not lost on Lilith, how she despised him, she had to be careful, Henry Monde was the key and now was not the time for the pleasure of killing this fool.

"My Lord Belphegor, if OUR plan succeeds you may be in a position to take the throne from Lucifer, for the moment Asmodeus only has an intuition and nothing else." she paused and looked into the Ruby red eyes of her lover and caressed his face "Our plan is good, Monde has no idea of his power, we must have patience and courage if we want to see this plan through to its conclusion"

For a moment she imagined killing him and watching the blood drain from his body, how she would enjoy the look on his face when that time came.

But before she could do that she had the not so simple task of becoming the one true ruler of Hell and with Henry Monde in her power, she might just succeed....


A tick, smiley and a resteem my Sunday couldn't bit get any better ☺️ hope you are having a good weekend.

Is that the next 'Supernatural' story? ;-)

Not sure, I'm kinda enjoying it and I actually do have an ending in mind, the story will meander along to what I hope is a good finale ☺️

Just checking in, how are you?

I'm fine, thanks, mate. You?

Not too bad, I haven't been on Steemit as much as I should be, life gettin in the way.

Good to have a life outside of Steemit :-)

great story thank's for share it and thanks for write this story I have followed you !

Many thanks for the very kind words, I do appreciate it

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