A toxic fart cleared the whole bar... from the front door back. Quick story a true gas man.

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This was probably around 2002 and I was enjoying a few beers with a few good friends and my then wife at the local watering hole in my hometown. This bar is where everybody knows your name and its usually a standing room, because its probably the only bar in town.

I don't want to guess on the amount of people in this bar, but it was more than full capacity. So when a fart has the ability to clear the bar in seconds, you know the fart was toxic. It was as if someone yelled, FIRE..FIRE! I'm really surprised that someone wasn't seriously injured from the mad dash for the doors. I don't remember how long it took the bar to fill up with patrons again, but it was longer than a few minutes time.

I've been around some stinky farts, but never a fart that would cause maybe a 150 people to run for their lives. Thank you for reading my quick story of my encounter with the Gas Man and I hope you enjoyed it.

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lol, hi my friend. I haven't been bumping into your stuff as often. So, I came to seek you out, and found this? Steem on.

@whatsup, my brother lived in Spokane for 3 years. One of my favorite movies is based in Spokane. Thank youfor stopping by.

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