Paradise tickets

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I have heard that a priest sells tickets to go to heaven - all religious teachers sell. Manually, if you buy something rich, then give it first class. Buy poor, second class There was also a third category, and the public was also the fourth category. Arrangements for all people should also be in heaven. There are different types of people, there should be a variety of facilities. He had gathered enough money to frighten people and fear the Hell. People do not eat food, collect money, buy money, buy tickets. This is what people are doing. Do not eat, I see pilgrimages go. Do not wear cloth, donate to the temple. Dying hungry himself, feeding the Brahmin. Over the centuries, Brahmin has been afraid that we are relatives of Brahma.
Brother-nephew Your relationship is close, and you will get your arrangement too. Eat yourself, there will be no virtue. Feed the Brahmins, it will be virtuous. People die of hunger, give to Pandes and priests.
The religious leader gathered a lot of money. One night a man climbed on his chest, stabbed And he said, remove, keep all! He looked carefully, he was a man of his own race. He said, oh! You know, hell in hell. He said that he has already bought the first class ticket, he has left the money and all the money was sold. Tickets are bought from you only. We have already bought it, leave it alone. Now you can not fear us from hell. They will be someone whom you will fear. We have already taken the tickets; Now give all the money that you have collected in the trials, give it

People are doing this. You call it a character! Standing on the horror, the person standing on greed, you call the character! This is the character's deceptions



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