He was the wrong choice(Chapter four)

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He was the wrong choice(CHAPTER 4)
A week later, I woke up early as usual, prepared my husband's clothes, made his breakfast and after he was gone I cleaned up. When I was done, I took a short bath and got dressed, I had planned to visit Bonnie's elder sister Thelma, I needed someone to talk to about my marital issues. I couldn't talk to Mandie or my other friends because they would only tell me to leave Bonnie.

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I wore a loose long black dress this time around, I didn't want my husband to think I was trying to attract men with my dressing. I took a Taxi from our place in Kamwala South to Mass Media where she lived and within an hour I was at her doorstep.
She was happy to see me and as we settled down, I began venting out my marital frustrations to her.

"This is so sad Mulamu, you mean he has gotten worser than he was?" She worriedly asked
"Yes my dear, he has even resorted to abusing me physically now?" I lamented explaining what happened the day I went out with Mandie.
"Winnie do you even pray for your marriage?"
"Mulamu I do that all the time, I have fasted, I have prayed, what is it that I haven't done ai? And you know what the funny part is?
" What?"
"The more I pray the more he gets worse, I don't even know what to do anymore."
"But what has entered Bonnie ai? He was never like this, I think this is spiritual, that Grace must have done something to my brother because there is no way someone can just wake up and change without any concrete reasons."
"But what do I do ai? Nalema Mulamu, I am tired of waiting for him to change look how far we have come and still no change."
"Mulamu you have to pray some more. Pray with everything in you, believe me you will win this battle in the end.

"I have been praying More than you can imagine. Some times I even feel God has forsaken me, his ears are closed." I cried out
"Awe you can't say that, God never leaves nor forsakes anyone, we should join forces In praying."
I went back home feeling a little better, even if Thelma had not given me any direct solution, I felt less burdened after talking to her.

"I think Grace did something to him." Those words kept ringing in my mind, it wasn't the first time she had said those words and neither was she the first person to hint that Grace might have done something to Bonnie, but well I didn't believe in such kind if things so i had ignored it, but now that she had mentioned it again maybe it was true because my husband completely changed after meeting Grace.

My husband and I were living a Happy and quiet life before Grace poped into the picture, she was married to one of Bonnie's friends and I saw no problem with her at first. When news about Bonnie's affair with Grace circulated, I brushed the rumours off because people always talked, I never imagined Bonnie would be capable of betraying his friend, besides I trusted him then because he never gave me any reasons to doubt him.

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Well people continued talking and I chose to ignore what they where saying, Grace herself assured me that she would never hurt me in that way, then I started noticing the changes, the late night calls, the sleeping out, the attitude and I knew something was wrong some a here. When I realsied Grace had been calling my husband at night, I confronted him about her and all he said was that she had seduced him.
Hurt and humiliated, I told his sister and my auntie about the situation at home and they promised to talk to him. I remember how one time Grace visited me in the morning and insulted me for reasons best known to herself, I didn't understand her actions but I waited patiently for my husband so i could explian what had transpired.

That evening when Bonnie got back from work, he found me chatting with one of our neighbours, he didn't bother greeting any of us, all he did was call me into the house.
Once in the house he pulled me towards the bathroom, I didn't understand what was going on till he pinned me to the wall and squeezed my neck tightly. I was slowly running out of breathe as he strangled the life out me.

"I swear I will kill you." He had yelled as he let me go. I curled myself up in the corner of our room as tears ran down my cheeks while holding on to my neck which was badly hurting.

"You will call Grace and apologise for insulting her, how dare you involve yourself in my affairs." He had shouted. Funny as is it is I apologised to Grace even though I didn't know what my crime was when in actual fact she insulted me herself. The weeks that followed after that incidence were hectic, Bonnie would come home late, sometimes he would never come at all, Grace would send her maid to insult me and my husband never see anything wrong with her actions, it was always about her.
"Auntie we are here?" The taxi driver shook me disrupting my thoughts. I didn't even realise we had reached the house.
"Thank you ba Maxi." I told him as I wiped the tears that had escaped my eyes.
"Are you okay auntie?" He asked, Ba Max was a taxi driver I usually used when I wanted to run erands.

"I am fine don't worry about me." I responded handing him his money.
As I opened the gate, I noticed Bonnie's car In the drive way. I didn't expect him back home that early especially on a Friday. Most fridays he never came home at all. Fear crept in as I opened the door, not knowing what kind of mood I would find him in.

"Help me God." I whispered as I opened the door. I walked into the house slowly and the minute, he wasn't in the living room neither was he in the kitchen, I rushed upstairs and as I reached our bedroom door,I could hear some soft music playing from the inside. I opened the door and what I saw shocked me.
"Am I dreaming?" I thought rubbing my eyes so I could be sure this was happening.

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nice story by the way

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