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One of the keys to becoming part of the Steemit community as I mentioned before, is connecting with other Steemians. Extending your genuine self to someone you may not know or a mere acquaintance can make your own life more fulfilling – in both the Steemit world and your daily life.


Today, I want to share one such uplifting experience. This was so random, but totally made my day! And of course, it’s POLE related, hahah. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk, think about, or actually pole – but that could be a whole different blog post. It really is that pole life! Anyhow, I called amazon customer service due to my itac order not having arrived. Itac is the body tack I use for pole, and on amazon it’s labelled “ extra strength pole fitness grip.” A nice lady took my call (let’s call her Katie for the story purposes) and I told her that my itac did not come in. After she listened to me explain the issue, she all of a sudden asked me, “do you also do trapeze?”

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

Man, was I surprised when Katie asked me that, and delighted! I realize like most people, I tend to get really excited when asked about something I am passionate about. This led to me explaining that I’ve tried other aerial arts such as silks and hammock as well as pole. Trapeze may be coming soon because my studio’s owner just purchased one for our aerial room. Katie explained to me that she has a friend that does trapeze and “all the other things as well” and that she has always wanted to try it. She worried that she was too old, but loved watching the videos she would post on facebook.


Since I’m all about promoting pole fitness for people of all types and ages, I let her know that I had some badass 50+ in age women at my studio and that all types and shapes of people could pole. Pole practice is your own! When Katie then told me that I had given her the final push to go seek out a studio and actually try some aerial arts that she has been itching to try for a long time, that made me so happy!


So, back to the main point of my story, connections that we form make us human. After chatting with her on the phone for about 15 minutes, I truly felt touched to have made an impact in her life that day as well, and hopefully have added one more future poler to the world, LOL! Oh, and she did also take care of my amazon issue. :P

0B0ADE8C-B563-42AE-BA7B-38253C8A8E99 2.JPG

Thanks for reading and steem on my friends! Keep making those connections out there in the world!



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Wow...you are so right @polebird. Thats the best way to be just right here..connecting with the right people...and to be the best version of yourself is when you deal with the right people like you..l love the gymnastics of every photo you share especially with that sweet puppy...l always wana come here for more..keep doing these great posts...nice one today


Thank you so much for the kind words! :) Connecting with others - its all part of being human :)

One of the speakers in my meetup this weekend said "we all came for the money initially, but you will stay for the community". One of the amazing things Steemit has offered me is to encounter Wonderful people like you.

Please keep being Awesome.


I love that! awwwww SO TRUE :) I'm having so much fun on Steemit and love getting know others! Thanks my friend :)


Stay Awesome. I made my first dtube video after watching DIY by @joeparys. Don't laugh so much after watching it please.🙈😁😀🙈

When we express ourselves and are sincere, we will always be connected to the right people in the world, even be able to support them and have reciprocal action.


so true! :)

Sounds like the best custom service phone call ever! You call to get help with something and then you not only get the help but you also get to help another person! Win-win :)

Btw, do you think that I should also order some itac since I just started with pole, or is it only necessary if your on a more advanced level of pole dancing? :)


haha yeah!! definitely made my day a little nicer! YES you will definitely need it once you start learning to climb! :) IM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOUU!!!!!

Its a nice story. We sometimes forget how good connecting with strangers is. We go through life in our own bubbles, absorbed in our own lives. When we open our eyes and smile at the cashier in the supermarket or talk to the guy at the bus stop, we realise we are all not so different after all.


yes, and you may make a little positive difference in someone's day - and that is what counts!! <3 <3

Wow, you're happy ..... vote for me because I'm happy😘😘😍😍


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Jess do you use steemit chat?


haha sometimes I get on there.. I used to get on a little bit more, but I haven't been signing on super regularly lately because of a busy schedule! I would like to get on more tho.


I just messaged you on there, got a quick q for you

Haha what an awesome little turn of events! So nice when you find moments like this in everyday life!


yeah! i find it's the little things in life that add up to so much joy :) thanks for stopping by my page!


You're welcome, following too!

Amazing to see how passions can bring people closer and connect them...


:) yes Xabi! it truly is incredible!

this is put lovely into words - and so SO true. its the little moments like this that truly define us and our day to day lives and happiness. imagine if you had been in a grumpy mood bc of the call (which so many of us have done time and time again), and it would have never had the same result. this way, you kept a positive attitude, and look at the result - you made a new friend and both your days are better because of that interaction. good for you - and thanks for the positivity reminder :)


yeah, I definitely keep in mind that the callers are just trying to help us out :) issues are definitely not of their direct doing, so unfair to be angry towards them already. this phone encounter did brighten my day!


:) so nice when we can remember that. It really makes all the difference

awww!! Couldn't agree more. I love all the friends I have made on Steemit!


yeahh!! too awesome!

Gft for u ❤PicsArt_02-11-11.42.35.jpg