If A Devil:The First Chapter of My Book

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(Forewords : I started writing this book in the very beginning of this year. As far as I remember it was still winter in my place. I was having a very difficult time. I had no job, I had no work. I had nothing to do in my spare time. I was feeling worthless and the people around me were also not very supportive to me.They were making me aware about the harsh reality of our life. Right that time I decided to write a book to escape from my reality. I wanted to forget about each and every frustration of my life.

So I started writing it. The story of this book is not very realistic .It is something that we should call a pure fiction or just a pure non sense. The plot of this book is based on a life of a supernatural creature that comes to earth and fall in love with a girl.

The girl he fell in love with, used to hate him very much and wanted him to go away from her life. But once he really leaves her, the girl realize without the devil that loved her, life seems pretty much meaningless. She wishes him come to back, stalk her and make her feel uncomfortable like the way he used to do before.)



If a devil ever sets his eyes on a girl, he never leaves her .It would have been a perfect day for Anastasia, if she hadn’t met Lithanael. She went to a bar to celebrate her birthday and was about to cut her birthday cake with her friends. In that moment Lithanael was present at that bar. It wasn’t meant to happen. But however it happened; he looked around the bar and saw a girl. Suddenly all his thoughts got concentrated on her. The girl was very happy and laughing. The girl has long curvy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. This was the first time, he felt so human and suddenly he found some point in living a human life. He was lost for a long time in the earth .He was actually an exiled soul from the heaven that is commonly referred by people as devil. How he came to earth and how he started to live a human life, you will get to know that later. But for now you should know how it all started. The girl he was looking at was no one but Anastasia. She was very happy to have her friends around her and she was waiting for her boyfriend Daniel to arrive.

Daniel was getting late. He works as an office assistant of a professor of his university. He had a lot papers to review today and later he was replying to the emails which were sent to the professor’s address. His professor Henry Thomas had some seminar to attend today. The professor just got back from Germany and still couldn’t get back to his daily routine of the office. While he was away Daniel got burdened with all the tasks the professor had to do. Daniel got the text of Anastasia in the morning. He knew that she wants him to meet her at a local bar. He wasn’t forgetful of the fact that today was Anastasia’s birthday. Therefore, he was already in a rush for getting out of his office early. But he found that today he has more work to do than the other days. He was supposed to meet her at 7 pm and already more than half an hour has been passed since then.

Still he couldn’t manage to get over with all the tasks he had. He actually wanted to get out early because he wanted to buy some flowers and a gift for her girlfriend. He tried to call the professor for permission to leave early but his phone was switched off. He sent a few messages but hasn’t got any reply. Mr. Thomas is usually a friendly guy but he is very serious about his work and he wants to get his work done in due time. But Daniel has already made up his mind that he will leave today without finishing his tasks. Otherwise there is no way he can meet Anastasia who was waiting for him at the bar. She already called him a few times and not calling anymore now. He was afraid that she might be very upset at him.

So he finally closed all the windows of his office, shut down the computer and started walking towards the stairs after locking the doors. Everyone in his office building has already left. It was a three storied old building where Professor Henry Thomas’s office is located. This building is quite far away from the main campus of the university where the Faculty buildings and play fields are located. He had to walk a long distance to reach at the west gate of the main campus from where he was planning to get a taxi or bus.

Anastasia is not the emotional kind of a girl. She is pretty serious about her life and well tolerant about the others. But there are some things which she finds pretty disturbing. Arriving late at someone’s event is among one of them .It is 8.47pm on the clock which is hanging on the wall behind the counter.

Megan who is one of her closest friend and her roommate of the hostel said “Oh who knows how long he will take”.

“I think he is having a strouble on getting a ride to here. The roads stay pretty busy at this time” said Robert looking at his phone.

“We have to start without him friends, said Anastasia. She sounds disappointed”.

Nicole lighted up the candle and handed over a knife to Anastasia to cut her birthday cake. Everyone at the table stood up and started singing to Anastasia. She blew out the candles and cut up the cake. Nicole took away the knife from Anastasia and picked up a small piece of cake to feed Anastasia. Then she started slicing up the cake in pieces for everyone who sat at the table. They were all talking and cheering for Anastasia. It made her feel happy even when she was upset about Daniel not arriving in time. Megan was standing next to Anastasia and wanted to take pictures of all of her friends. Therefore, she was shouting at everyone to gather altogether. Suddenly she felt like someone is walking towards them from the back. Anastasia sensed that too. She turned back thinking that she would see Daniel standing behind them. But she was surprised and saw that it was some other guy. The guy has fine dark hair, he looks skinny but tall.

It was Lithanael who was standing behind her.

“Happy Birthday to you Anastasia, can I have a piece of your cake” he said in a calm voice.
Anastasia became so angry suddenly. Her voice started to shake

“Haven’t you seen a girl before she said, and you should realize that it was only meant for my friends? I was supposed to be left alone with my friends” she said.

Everyone at the table got a bit shocked by this event. Chris stood up from his chair. He picked up a piece of cake from the plate and turned at Lithanael.

“Ok, here it is buddy, look I am sorry but actually she is not in a good mood right now. You have also heard what she has just said that, this was meant for us basically. It was nice of you to come and wish her. But we wanted some privacy, so you should leave, please.”

It was quite shocking for everyone to find out Anastasia would react to someone on her birthday in this way. But it was well explainable to everyone. She was already waiting for Daniel for so long. She wanted to celebration her birthday and she wanted to celebrate it only with her close friends. They chose to celebrate her birthday in a bar instead of someplace else for that reason. But somehow some stranger came up and interrupted in their gathering. He ruined her mood completely when she finally started to celebrate her birthday. The thing which she found most annoying was that she thought Lithanael was drunk and hitting on her. Actually everyone was more or less disturbed by him. His presence was so sudden and unexpected.

“I don’t know whether the guy was creepy or just trying to be a smart ass or just trying to be nice .It is just so weird, it’s like he just suddenly appeared from nowhere and we couldn’t even imagine that anyone like this could come to us ” said Robert.

“I think he was just interested in Anastasia and just wanted to have a conversation with her” said Nicole.

She was trying to make some fun about this incident but then she saw that Anastasia is looking at her. She seemed so annoyed by her. So Nicole became quiet and everyone went quiet for a while. They were waiting for the situation to be normal again. Daniel finally arrived when they were all sitting quietly without talking to each other. Everyone was so distracted by the incident that took place a few minutes ago that nobody noticed his arrival. He had a bouquet of flowers in his hand which he bought for Anastasia on the way.

“I am so sorry Ann……” he couldn’t finish his sentence because Anastasia stopped her in the middle of it.

“It is fine Daniel, I can understand that you had so much to do and that’s why you had to come late”. She was standing while talking to Daniel. Then she grabbed Megan’s hand and said:

“Let’s go Megan we have to go now”

“But we can stay a bit longer, you know Dan has arrived after all” said Megan.

“No we can’t, it’s getting late, I don’t wish to be here any longer” said Anastasia.

Megan got off her chair and started walking towards the door with Anastasia. They were passing by the counter. Stacey
Miller was sitting inside the counter .She waived to grab their attention.

“Hey, Ana is everything fine with you” she said.

“Yeah, everything is fine Stacey. We are just leaving” Megan replied.

Stacey Miller has been running ‘Kimberly’s Club’ since she was 18.It is actually a bar which serves some foods and beverages too. The bar is named after her mother. She started helping her dad in managing the bar since she was 16.Her dad was very satisfied with her work. So when Stacey became 18, he offered her a job as the part time manager of the bar .He wanted her to finish her college education but Stacey wasn’t very interested in her study. She wasn’t doing very well in her college .So after a year of her enrollment in a college she decided to leave.

Then her dad decided to hand over the charge of the bar to her .She has been running their family bar ever since then. Stacey has a brother Kyle who is 21 and goes to college. He helps Stacey time to time in running the bar. Stacey watched what happened when Lithanael went to have a chat with Anastasia. He never seemed like a troublesome guy to her. He always sits in a corner; don’t talk to anyone unless he is spoken to. He likes to sit alone and he doesn’t even have any regular choice of drinks. He likes to order different types of drink everyday

(P.S: This book is one of my creative works, so I would very much like to get your comment about it. I would also appreciate if you share and vote for me because for the small authors like me your support is very much needed. Finally, English is not my native language, so please ignore the typos and the grammatical mistakes of this writing.)

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