Once Upon A Time { Poetic Story } Part 4

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A big fat meat was all I wanted but that’s not all that it is . Incase you wondering about the case study . What I’m talking about is some big whales on your trail positively and get your journey in this big ocean { Steemit } progressively.

There came the time I got to ask myself, what does one do to get a whale on one’s trail. That thought led to some thought and so another thought came after the previous one . All thoughts leading to the same direction. So I chose that direction

A new direction, a new dimension. A new vision alongside a new mission, there began another chapter in my endless adventure. There’s and end to an end , only the end has no end but the beginning of the end. That’s the perfect illustration of my adventure

Time went by at the bus stop of my new direction, waiting for my own discretion to assign new task of finding a Niche with or without some cliche. What a task, so difficult like working in a crèche.

Once upon a time I was unwise to find my Niche What do I do I don’t want to be put to shame. So I turned to some acquired skills in everything, hoping it will bring me anything. Little do I know of many things so I began to study some certain things.

img1 & img2

Remember the adventure is non ending , catch ya on the next episode, kindly share your opinions in the comment section


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