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Good night friends stemit everything this time I want to post about coconut.
young coconut is one of the most favored thirst-releasing beverages, in coconut contains many nutrients, in general young coconut water contains 16 calories and 4.1 grams of sugar. Coconut water has a very low calorie, also low in sodium, and contains potassium high, perbanyaklah mimum young coconut water because very many benefits for our body, however, unfortunately the content of young coconut flesh is less than the old coconut. This is because more than 80% of the content of young coconut is water, the amount of water per young coconut grains vary greatly, depending on the size of the fruit

the nutritional content of coconut water, old coconut meat is generally higher than the young ones. Because, over time in the trees, coconut fruit continuously megalami increase in weight and size, the longer the water and meat will be more complete, while the old coconut is widely used to extract coconut milk and oil***
some types of oil can not only be used for cooking for tasty cuisine, coconut oil can also be used to treat skin health and beauty, coconut oil that proved to be extraordinary, coconut oil itself is popular for beauty and hair.
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Good post you

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