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Today we went to another part of Montreal to check out the Italian market place.
Plenty of fresh produce, pastry goods, restaurants and some live music.
Also fresh meat and seafood for the local.





It’s amazing how you can find different things to do
when you come back to Montreal. This trip definitely been about exploring
more things. Today makes it a year since my father passed away. I know
he is with me in spirit.

So often people settle for a life without challenge and adventure.
They go through life excepting the mundane way of living life
over and over again. I realize that moving forward getting out
of your comfort zone can be a very frightening experience!
But isn’t that the meaning of life?

In order to live life you must be apart of it or you become
a part of death. One must keep moving. Searching for knowledge
and new experiences. To stay young at heart you must have the
spirit of a child and the wonder. There are so many wonderful
and amazing things to do. Don’t let your thoughts limit the possibilities life
has to offer. That’s why we call it life.

For all of us a time will come when physical activities are more challenging.
So do we live or slowly die the choice is ours.

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What a beautiful town

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Lovely post..and.. Awesome photo..i love your dear friend you


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Very nice story ,,,good work


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Lovely travelling ,,,, beautiful different photography


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This piics look really beautiful. I like your photography


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Enjoy the music.


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This is stunning and really beautiful thanks for sharing this looks great :)


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