The saddest story I've ever come across

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images.jpgToday I'd be sharing the saddest story I've ever heard, I broke down in tears when I heard this story.

The story is about a girl, the only child of a wealthy family and how she became wayward.
Her name was Mary, she was the only child of a wealthy family, in fact she was their princess because they loved and showered her with a lot of material things. They gave her quality education and the best life anyone could ever dream of, this little princess never imagined that one day everything will crumble, her kingdom will be destroyed.

So on reaching her final class in highschool Mary received a news that changed her life forever, she heard her parents had died in an accident. She was so shocked that she had to faint. Imagine what pain she had gone through. Mary cried and cried until there were no tears left, she was only 18. She had no one because her parents hardly relate with their relatives, she was so confused.

So one day, her father's brother Vincent had come to stay with her.

Now this is where everything became interesting, Vincent wanted his brother's wealth and also wanted to sleep with his brother's daughter, when this was not possible he looked for a way to make her disappear. This little princess was thrown away from her father's mansion into the streets because her wicked uncle could not have his way with her. Mary had no where else to go, she had no one to run to. So while she was walking around looking for where to eat and sleep, she was picked by this wealthy lady. They called her Mama. Mama was into prostitution, in fact she was like their Boss. She introduced this young innocent girl into this business. After joining this business for ever 16months, Mary was diagnosed with STI. She got her life ruined because of her uncle. Now there was no turning back.

What I learnt from the story was that, in life we can still make the right choices no matter the situation we find ourselves, we can still come out smiling. Mary had the chance to make the right choice but she didn't and because of that her life was ruined, she destroyed herself.
If she had refused the offer to join the business, she would have found another way out.
I hoped you enjoyed the story and you can share with me what you picked up from it.

Thank you for reading.

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So sad, poor lady. I hope this is just a fiction. It's a terrible situation if it's happened in real life.


It really happened.

I feel sorry for what had happened to this young woman! It does happen in real world but hoping woman especially young woman know how to fight for themselves and know how to make a living to support themselves if there's no one they can run on. Anyway I believe still that soon there will be good changes in our life for a better life.


Only if we are patient enough don't you think?