Iraq and weapons of mass destruction How America make fake blame

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President of Iraq Saddam Hussein was first condemned by United States for his use of chemical weapons in 1980 during and after the Iran–Iraq War. The United States asserted that Saddam Hussein still has possessed large hidden stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in 2003, In the name of Fake blame Usa Start war with Iraq which was very poor state can not survive against USA the Super power country the Atomic chemical country they loss in war and this was pure pre planned and was fake blame however Usa never found any hidden chemical industry in Iraq but they kill thousands of people .
On other hands if they has weapon they did not kill anyone on other hand Usa kill Millions of Japanese with nuclear bomb .

History tells us how cruel policy was used in America in the false blame they was just want to get Oil of Iraq .
We cannot regert the facts Sadam was very cruel ruler and most of Iraqi peoples was fed up from his dectatorship and presidency He was a Major general of Army and never been a elected or democratic president .Sadam was hanged by Usa and People of Iraq later when he was found hidden inside Gutter .
Usa blame of Mass destruction was a lame story .He was greedy for oil and after war He found so much oil refineries and Iraq was very rich state of oil producer.
As now iran is under an eye of Usa .Usa also want to start war With iran for oil but afraid of their nuclear program Cannot take action because Iran has power war with iran can kill million of Americans And Usa know it very well .
If in any condition Usa Attack iran it will be very dangerous for world can lead to world war 3 .Usa should think about it that no other nuclear country never Use nuclear bomb for killing human but Usa killed in Japan so who is the real Cruel and terrorist state ?


The history tell us evereything and there is no doubt about that.
Good post btw

thanks sir

USA is the actual cause for all the terrorism in the world .
Innocent people dyeing across the world including americans .

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