Twins with an Impossible Story

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Twins sometimes have amazing stories to tell, but the following will astound you. Twin boys were separated at birth after they were put up for adoption. The new parents of both boys never knew each other and never met. Each twin was told he had a brother. Forty years later one twin, James decided to track down his brother. After a long search, he found his brother, and it was revealed that;

His brothers adopted parents had also called their new son James!
Even though the two James’s never met they both went into law enforcement.
They both had excellent skills in carpentry and drawing.
They both married a women named Linda.
They both had sons, one named James Allan the other named James Alan.
Both twins were divorced and re-married a women named Betty!
Lastly, they both owned a dog called Toy!!
After forty years apart, neither could believe these astonishing coincidences.

This story is from, The Reader’s Digest, January 1980 edition.

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I won't be surprised if they both buy same lottery and won the lottery :))


yeah it is too strange to be a true