Save The Rhinos !

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Amelia Edwards and her family had come all the way from London to India, mainly to see the natural abundance of the Kaziranga National Park. The Edwards family took an elephant safari in the forest. On their way, they saw several herds of buffaloes grazing contentedly on the deep grass, a vibrant and colorful bird life, and different types of trees and, most importantly, quite a few one-horned rhinos.

The Edwards family was thrilled to be acquainted with Nature's grandeur. Having completed the elephant safari, the guests arrived at an ethnic restaurant. Soon, they were served a traditional Assamese meal. They tasted the unique dishes with great enthusiasm.

As they ate, Amelia exclaimed, "What a safari it was! We got to see the one-horned rhino!" "I saw it for the first time, too," added Charlotte, Amelia's mother.

After the wholesome meal, when Harry went to pay the bill, the person at the counter asked, "Sir, are you enjoying your trip?"

"Of course, it.s a privilege to be here," was his answer. The person continued, "Sir, you're fortunate enough to see some of the rhinos. Years later, perhaps, you may not be able to see these majestic animals."Harry was confused. "Why?" he asked. The person replied, "Nowadays, poachers are killing the rhinos relent-lessly for their valuable horns. Because of this, the rhinos have reached the verge of extinction."

"Oh, that's very shocking!" cried Amelia. "The State will lose its charm if these innocent animals disappear,"responded Charlotte. "Some of the rhinos would have been saved had the government been more concerned. But, we can't blame the government entirely. The greed of some individuals crosses the limit for which these animals suffer," said the person. After a serious discussion, the Edwards family left the restaurant with heavy hearts. Amelia kept thinking how stone-hearted those people are who won't even spare the lives of innocent animals.

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Indeed the rhinoceros have remained very low in our country. In the name of development, money is very expensive. But there is no special management to save such rare species. Do not be like this, be it our history. There should be special measures for them.


Thank you very much