Wow its a beautiful place great photography.....I must say it looks like heaven on earth

Thanks for commenting, universalpro.

this is really very amazing shot, the place looks wonderful, hope you enjoy time there.

Never saw this side of Iran! I can definitely relate to their love for music.

Every country is multi-faceted and even the "worst" place has its beauty if one knows where to look.

Its so amazing to see you travel to the weirdest places! Can't help but ask just how you manage? hahaha

Hey Kristian, nice to see you here!
I guess I could manage thanks to the friendly Iranian people. They are truly helpful and nice.

Really change the way i look at the People of Iran!

过年好!请接受cn区点赞机器人 @cnbuddy 对你作为cn区一员的感谢。倘若你不喜欢我的留言,请回复“取消”。

I'm honestly kind of scared to visit Iran. Though I'm sure it's got plenty of interesting things to see.

Hey geekpowered. Iran is actually very safe. No need to be scared 😊 although I was also a bit worried before going there. But it turned out to be an amazing country.

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Iran is a country that still maintains its cultural sustainability. start it from music to its historic place.

Indeed, Iranian culture and music lives in their souls. Glad to see that!

Wow, thanks for taking us to an tour through your post, and it's really nice to hear that you travelled many places, and the most amazing thing about this post is, it's reflecting the essence of music, beautiful and great architectural designs plus beautiful and soulful poetic place. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, chireerocks. 😊

we can stay where friends, but we do not forget where we come from first. I really like the story of my friends while living in iran, I upvote and resteem my friends yes.

Saya suka mengaji. Saya suka postingnya

Thanks for coming by, is that bahasa language?

你倚在那块碑边的照片好美啊 以后有空一定要去设拉子看看 感觉认识的伊朗姑娘都是热情奔放能歌善舞型 也几乎都是美女 可惜那国家大环境


Well it's true. Visiting and living in a country can be totally different experience, his opinion is truthful and honest, from his own point of view.
Anyway, I think China today is quite different from 5.5 years ago too. Many friends I know are moving there (to work) and never regretted.

I understand. China isn’t bad nowadays compared to years ago. I have a few friends moving from Europe to China, they seem happy too :p


谢谢你啊 Karen。看来还是要自拍。我在伊朗玩得特别开心,现在还想再回去。谢谢你。


I love Iran. And Hafez poetry. So nice post ! :) Soon we'll enjoy Norouz :)