“Toor ay th' Gulf ay Aden!”- 03JL18 – ‘Silver spears ay paradise!’

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“Blasted dugs! They’s confoondin' mah approach!" Axwellsilver cursed as the barking got louder. Then, out of nowhere two figures appeared in the dark. One of them called out in alarm!

“Qof ayaa halkan jooga! Yaa joogaa ?!” (“Someone's here! who's there?!”)

Axwell stepped out from behind the palm tree and the cold, shiny blade of a war spear slid across the whiskers under his chin!

[In the Captain’s cabin…about sunrise…]

“Hae ye heard frae Seaman Axwellsilver?” the Captain asked as he stoked the ash in his pipe red hot.


“Nae, Ahh huvnae. In facts, Ahh was in th' wey o havin Tipper sends oot Groober wi' a message." Commander Galligan replied as he thought.
“Strange it is! Ahh tauld heem tae make his way quietly tae th' sooth-eest shair. By aw mah graphite records, that's whaur th' Santiago ran agroond a century ago! Legend has it she broke apart an' spilled oot 'er spoils ay fower hunder thoosain silvers!"
“Bludy heel?!" Galligan muttered in awe.


“Aye it was! An' th' nati'es butchered them whaur they lay oan th' beaches! Mony ur th' rumors ay way-farers an' fisherman 'att th' tribe ay Bassas has silver tipped arrows an' spears!" the Captain continued, “An' Ahh’m determined tae fin' oot if it true ur gist a seaman's tale!"
“Mair than a hunder years ago? An' ye hink some ay those silvers ur still thaur?"
“Haw! Haw! Wherewoods they hae gain?! Some mebbe in Europa aiblins, but th' tois tribes ay these islands ur water boond! Nane ay them has gart it athwart tae Africars ur Madagascars as far as Ahh hae ever heard. Nae, Ahh hink most ay it is still reit haur! Either oan th' tips ay they’s arrows ur scattered half buried in th' sands ay th’ sooth-eest shair! Silvers arenae bunsens tae these folk!" the Captain said confidently.


“Seaman Axwell was supposed tae search fur signs ay th' wreck an' sends wuid back. Something's nae reit..." Galligan surmised.
“Ahh know’s it, unless ole Axwellsilver has other ideas. Sends Midshipman’s Mate Fisky ashair wi' a scuttle ay guid men! Hae them locate Axwell an' sends wuid back tae me!"
“Aye, aye Sairr!” Galligan said as he stood up and left the room.

The Captain sat in deep thought…

“Thaur better be nae shenanigans frae ye Seaman Axwell, ur Bassas may gist be yer new haem port!" he said quietly to himself…


Vocabulary fur lain lovers:

afair (before), aff (off), aicht (eight), ain (and), ainae (am not), an’ (and), anither (another), anyain (anyone), athwart (across), att’s (that’s), auld (old), auld ah th’ horn (wise), awa’ (away), ay (of)

bain (band), baith (both), baw (bow), bide (wait), blaw (blow), blooter’d (drunk), bonnie (pretty), boorichie (bunch), bortha (bother), brae (brave), braw (fine), bunsens (money)

caa (call), caller (fresh), cannae (cannot), canty (happy), caur (care), causey (street), ceilidh (party), cheil (man), chib (knife), chookie (chicken), clootie (cloth), coopon (face), coorie (hurry), coothie (friendly), coz (because), cuddie (horse)

dae (do), daein (doing), divit (idiot), diz (does), doose (douse), dorn't (don't), dug (dog), duir (door)

eh’d (I’d), enaw (enough)

fa (who), fash yerse (worry), feckin (f*****g), feit (feet), fest (fast), fin’ (find), fit loch (how are you), flin (throw), fok (f-word), focking (f*****g), fower (four), frae (from), fur (for)

gae (get), gang (go), gart (made), gie (get), ginger (pop, soda-pop), glaikit (stupid), gob (mouth), groon (ground), guid (good)

haem (home), hain (hand), hasnae (hasn’t), hauld (hold), haur (here), heae (heave), heed (head), heelain (highland), hin’ (thing), hoddin (cheap), hoo (how), hud (had), hunder (hundred)

it (out)

jawbox (sink), Jimmie (boy), jink (dance), jobby (s**t)

keks (pants), kimers (ladies)

lain (land), laird (lord), lave (leave), lest (last), lit (let), loch (like)

main (must), mair (more), mauna (may not), mebbe (maybe), micht (might), min’ (stink), mingin’ (nasty), mit (met), moggie (cat), mony (many), morn (morning)

nae (no), naethin (nothing), nane (none), nehin (behind), noo (now)

och (oh), onie (any), oot (out), ower (over)

pit (put), puir (poor)

radge (rough, angry, dangerous), reek (smoke), rin (run),

sae (so), Sairrr (Sir), Sassenach (English), Scottish Jimmy (punch), scragg (infection), scran (food), shaa (shall), shair (shore), sit (set), skitin’ (drinking), skully (silly), sooch (fuss), sooth (south), spick (speak), stain (stand), stoaner (hard, strong), stooshie (noise), strang (strong), swally (beer), swatch (look, sweem (swim), swin (fool)

tae (to), tain (tone), tak (take), tatties (potatoes), tatties an’ neebs (dinner), tay (too), th’ (the), thaur (there), thes (this), twel (twelve), troaps (guys), twintie (twenty)

uir (our), ur (or), ur (are)

waesucks (sorrow, pity), wark (work), whaur (where), whieest (quiet), wisnae (was not), whit (what), win' (wind), wi’ (with), wuid (word)

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