Be kind with your pet (Original for steemit)

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How many of you guys are happy with your pet? if you have one, most of you will raise your hand inmediately, and because you have a pet you also have to take care of them while their need some special attention. For example if they are sick.

My pet called chivi is a little french poodle pocket who arrived to my family when we found her on a dirty guatemalan city street, four years ago, so we decided to adopt her because she was probably abandonnd. Last month, in a manner of minutes, she started with a critic problem to walk, I mean, She just cannot walk with the back legs. She was suffering and we were without explanations. It was kind of weird because she got that problem in the air, without previous symptoms, it just happened.

chivi recovery

chivi recovery 2

Two vets told us she wont walk again the same way, and do not ask me how or why, but with a lot of love, care and attention, plus a few terapies she is walking and running again. Her spine and vertebrae is at 90% but we continue working in her.


So, my message for the steemit community is to love your pets, because they only have you! They bring us love, happiness and a good company, and all what they are asking back is the same. So be kind with your pet.

Comment if you have similar experiencies


Hope she continues to get better, I hate seeing a dog suffer.

Great words for pet owners for the new year :)

yeah, it is so easy to love your pet!

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