The Great Hoth Heat Wave (G.H.H.W.)

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The Great Hoth Heat Wave (G.H.H.W) has made the surface of Hoth lush and very humid. The Snowtroopers are wishing they had packed summer clothes... with all the ice melted there are tons of fresh water pools and cliff diving opportunities. They have sent word to the empire to send a care package including swim trunks, beach towels, sun-tan lotion, and goggles. They aren’t sure their messages are being received - because so much water has turned to steam and has blocked the atmosphere in dense clouds many miles thick.


This group of special force snow troopers were sent to Hoth without being briefed about the current Hoth Heat Wave that has been blistering the surface for nearly a year now... after their initial shock to not only the lack of snow and ice but to the exposed bedrock formations, they have ventured to find shelter from the steamy surface.


It’s been quite the ordeal. The snowtroopers were prepped for ice climbing - but rock climbing is a whole different animal...


There is not even snow in the shade... some Wampa have dyed there coats red and brown to blend in a bit better to the new surroundings. This of course is not a permenant change as the heavy snow may be back in the near future. The snowtroopers were unprepared for the camouflage Wampa as they were expected an off-white cream tone Wampa. They weren’t aware that Wampa were intelligent enough to take on the changes Hoth nature was throwing at them.

Fortunately, snowtroopers were prepared to deal with Wampa and were able to detect the heavy breathing and evade detection themselves in their bright white uniforms. It was unfortunate to see other animals and natives not smart enough to camoflauge fall to prey. The Wampa had gathered many victims and were planning a large harvest feast. They didn’t seem to mind the Hoth Heat Wave even with their thick coats.


The empire doesn’t usually check up on Stormtroopers and they don’t really like the cold so they wait around in the comfort of the imperial starships and they have all but forgotten about the special force snowtroopers...

To be continued...


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Oh wow! I came from @photocontests .. And I have to say:
I love your LEGO Star Wars compositions!

Glad you are enjoying them! I just started acquiring some Star Wars Lego recently and I like building a whole new story around them.

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